Monday, August 30, 2010

5 Reasons Why He Would Date You

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” John Gray really did a great job in this book classifying two sexes based on their behavioral patterns. In relevant studies conducted, Dr. Ann Moir and David Jessel asserts, in their “ Excerpts from Brain Sex,” that when the same image was shown to both girls and boys, observations led to the conclusion that boys recognizes more images of objects than people, while girls had shown the opposite. To an average woman who understands men in simplest point of view, they are counterpart of our kind whose immediate response conforms visuals.

I was 5 years old, struggling to get noticed by this boy I liked. I’d wear this little red dress, put ribbons on my hair, shimmer a light tint of lipstick on my cheeks and lips—all to get a little of his attention. All he would care about was that baseball game he’s planning out with his friends for weekend. Through years, experience tells me that the battlefield of dating is all about making Greenfields, painting them green and sometimes red. The whole point is about meeting a good visual to initiate an invitation. So an anxious woman asks, how can you lead him to asking you out for a date?

Here are the not-so-complex tips to note if you’re eager to get that “would-you” question from him,

  1. Show warmth. Remember that you are a stranger to him but small actions leave a clear message. You don’t really need to muster enough guts to make it obvious. Smile says it all.
  2. Strike a very good impression by dressing right. Your clothes tell much about who you are so particularity is essential. There are three elements you should consider if you want to get it right. A tinge of elegance deviates you away from the title of promiscuous, a little of sensuality shows off those curves you should be proud off and your style introduces a bit of you. Let’s say poise with a JC Penny black casual, knee length dress, paired with Vedette’s Mabella undergarment.
  3. Condition yourself with the right attitude. Attitude exudes confidence and thus shows how secure you are of your worth and being.
  4. Talk smart and by that doesn’t necessarily mean to brag. It is one who stands on her own position or opinion. Make yourself visible by speaking your voice when there’s a need for it. One fact about men is that they like women who can challenge their ideas, if not amazed at someone’s perspective different than theirs.
  5. Initiate by asking questions. Knowing what he does and his interests opens an opportunity for a good conversation. That also creates a bridge of common liking which could spark an idea of further acquaintance.

What reduces the whole idea here is giving yourself a chance to reveal the real you, showing him that you’re worth the time. If that doesn’t work, then it means you’re better off to be with someone who can realize that.

Spare me a piece of Bun

In one advertisement for credit card, the creative writer came up with a human ideology that says money can’t buy the look in your loved one’s face. You might think that it’s a tricky marketing way of a capitalist at work but the irony is that our subconscious mind tells us there’s truth to it. The cost didn’t measure the worth but the value of human attachment to it. I can’t imagine how many times I have not resented buying a way-over-the-edge chanel couture or a Vedette shapewear. The idea is that you give yourself in to how you define yourself. Knowing and being sure of who you are and what you want is an important aspect of womanhood.

Being a woman allows you to be particular of your limitations. Fulfilling that creates a sense of comfort in being just us, giving us our independence. When a woman walks, the stature is often defined by only few intricate parts people often notice—face, hair, breast and behind. The buttocks part is the finality of the impression you could make like a grand exit to an opera. Paying attention to its form entitles you a winner in totality, given the right attitude. So herein we say HALLELUJAH! To science who made it possible for us.

There are wide options to working the right curvature for your buttocks. There’s the strenuous lifting and stretching physical exercises, surgical implants and/or the use of noninvasive shapewear. Vedette shapewear is a convenient online store that gives you a plate of what you just need without worrying about the risk. There are two ways to rearing a bustier behind that rock. There’s ready-to-wear padded under garment that adds volume to your buttocks for lustful behind. Your choices here could be Stela that extends compression to your tummy for a manageable flab or Mabella that sculpts a finer waist and frontal figure with a hook-and-eye zip, while giving your tush a dreamy tone shape. Another way of giving your buttocks a finer definition is by lifting it with Vedette’s full body shaper in styles such as Michele and Marcelle or with push up garments such as Lauren and Margaux. Marcel and Michele shapewear is all-in-one suit that creates an above satisfactory figure working on specific body corners as waist, bust, tummy and buttocks. Lauren and Margaux are above-the-waist undergarments that boost your tush to a rounder form with band that holds it up.

So when I think about who and what I want to be, being a delight in everyone’s eyes is a sweet thought. But I realized though that what’s more important is that woman in the mirror telling me that I’m the queen of my own world.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vedette’s Sweet Comeback!

Good news to Fashionistas! Say goodbye to stubborn tummy flab and wave hello, hello! To that skimpy dress you’re dying to wear with new shapewear line from Vedette. I bet you always get the same look from your boyfriend as his neck gets the stiff waiting for you get dressed or a condescending stare from your boss every time you come in late, figuring out what dress fits desirably. Well ladies, you can now forget about the plump worrying and save most of your time enjoying the flattery. Vedette’s new shapewear does the entire trick to give you that satisfaction.

Vedette’s new body shaper comes in varied preppy style, flexible enough to fit women’s different body structure and cup sizes. The key is to give you an hour glass silhouette, smoothening the unwanted cellulite on difficult areas. All that fat-taming comes with simple steps as flattening your belly and stomach, holding up a bottom for more enticing back, while perfectly shaping your arms, waist and legs. If you’re ambitious enough to want that Beyonce look, and then try Vedette’s Stela and Mabella shapewear, designed to give you both a sensual bust lift and an extra bottom pack for a back that gives you a heiress title. One you could also chart on the top list is Vedette’s
Veronique. The body suit comes in a flaunting sexy polka-dot style, available in teaser lilac or purple. This gives a better twist on that alluring top you’re wearing with choices from thong and bikini. Let’s not forget those who need some therapeutic tending. There are specialized compression garment for post-operative and those who just went through liposuction or fat reduction. The purpose of which is to evenly flatten the swollen part of your body resulting from the surgery.

With different shapewear styles you could choose from, you can now walk the runway wearing anything that hangs in your closet. From tight jeans, to flashy elegant dress, you’ll never fail to be an eye catcher. Vedette’s new body shaper serves a wider practical use, allowing you to achieve an inviting contour from its compression garment extending right up to your sleeves, hips, waist or legs, and prominently your belly. Shaping up never been this easy and dynamic. With Vedette’s new line of shapewear, you can celebrate more the beauty of being a woman!

When the Belly Screams “Yelp!”

      “This story is not about me, but a small part of me that needs to come out and see the world again. Now, I’m imprisoned behind those baggy curtains, and sometimes covered in weird linings... I miss the light, the feel of the heat, those eyes alluring me. This is me yearning for help, waiting to be rescued.” This is my belly writing her story. A weird and funny sight to ponder, but I’m beginning to think it really is crying for help.

      I have a small stature, with small bones and muscles since I was a kid. I still do when I went over 30, except for the tummy part and a little below that. It is this party one time I have to attend to which made me realize, after few hours of stressful dressing up, that I have to fix the belly part. The first step to fulfilling my goal understands its makeup. Available research materials online showed that there are various factors attributed to belly fat. One is the genetic variable explaining the two body shapes, as being related to dominant areas for fat storage. The pear-shaped body type has tendencies for fat deposition in lower body parts such as buttocks, thighs and hips. The apple-shaped types are those considered to release higher androgen hormones, with fats more distributed in areas as abdomen, face and chest. If you can’t help but worry on this fact, then you should get hold of yourself and pace away from another factor called stress. Too much anxiety does more pranks behind your back by driving the release of cortisone, prompting the production of sugar in excess, hence, urging you to eat more. Then the age factor also gets in the way, slowing down our ability to burn calories. We might try to consider looking after our minor habits such as slouching posture making your belly bulge more prominently and of course the uncontrollable habit of eating late night before you go to bed.

       EDS, not a friend of mine, shed the light to my problem. So “E,” as I note it, stands for practicing a specific exercise that works on the belly. Sit ups are popular and effective when done properly. You could check online instructions on physical activities, particularly working on your abdominal muscles. Diet comes next, focusing more on fiber-rich foods. Then I found compression garments like Shapewear, which are now available in famous brands such as Vedette, Spanx or Dr. Rey’s. It is one of the breakthrough means, non surgical way of toning your belly into a figure you’re aiming to achieve.

      Again, here’s a story not so unusual, but a common one mostly taken for granted. So when you face that mirror next time, barely getting that dress in, you’ll soon realize your belly starts crying “Yelp!”

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watching out on Holes When You’re on Your Heels

Runway unfolds the direction to women’s fashion. Whatever walks the floor, whether it is a multicolored summer dress with odd prints, or a leather textured top for a casual mode, we gobble every bit of what it suggests. To add to it, who wears them is a mirror we want to see ourselves through for fashion’s sake. The news is, our current time’s definition of sexy comes in two L’s—Light and Length. These, apart from the new cooking formula waiting to be discovered, had become a woman’s major obsession. Lightness gave way to a number of slimming techniques, and among the infinite number of ways are pills, lasers or surgical method, strenuous exercises, lifestyle change as eating habits, body shaper, etc. Length on the other hand, opened a flick of admiration to an extra closet for high heels, and took us to the shoe mall entrance, earliest hour of the day, in time for sale.

The history of fashion sends us 15th century back when corsets and chopines are penetrating the general market. Chopines are type of platform shoes that could reach up to at most 30 inches in height. This is comparable to the lotus shoes of Chinese women, symbolizing a certain social standing .With its growing appeal on women, it had now evolved into various forms as low heels, chunky type, kitten, stiletto, cone, wedge or pool. Though its significance may have changed through time, its pains nevertheless seem to have been passed on, amazingly bearing it with the same endurance. Every day, we set our foot forward, literally, to various risks which considerably may lead to something serious if disregarded. Ever slept the night with intolerable pain on your back and toes after a day ramping your stilettos? I did and had to consider bringing in flat shoes when I have to spend most of the day standing up. The reason being for that discomfort we often experience is the pressure imposed heavily on our back when we’re wearing high heels. The weight being put on the foot bent upward, flexes the body to a forward position, leaving a bigger strain on the back. But who says we have to give up style and elegance for the same distress our great, great grand moms had been through? The ways are as simple as caring for your toe nails. Carry around flat shoes you could change to when the discomfort becomes bothering enough. Pamper yourself with a good massage rejuvenating your stressed muscles. Try wearing compression type garments such as Vedette Shapewear, which acts as back support and/or posture corrector.

High heels are part of women’s make up. Without it, a dress is just another over sized accessory, needing a pair to define its great details. It wouldn’t hurt though to be conscious of caring for oneself. In the long run, when the risks become inevitable, the closest you could get is just staring at your precious shoes on a rack.

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