Thursday, August 26, 2010

When the Belly Screams “Yelp!”

      “This story is not about me, but a small part of me that needs to come out and see the world again. Now, I’m imprisoned behind those baggy curtains, and sometimes covered in weird linings... I miss the light, the feel of the heat, those eyes alluring me. This is me yearning for help, waiting to be rescued.” This is my belly writing her story. A weird and funny sight to ponder, but I’m beginning to think it really is crying for help.

      I have a small stature, with small bones and muscles since I was a kid. I still do when I went over 30, except for the tummy part and a little below that. It is this party one time I have to attend to which made me realize, after few hours of stressful dressing up, that I have to fix the belly part. The first step to fulfilling my goal understands its makeup. Available research materials online showed that there are various factors attributed to belly fat. One is the genetic variable explaining the two body shapes, as being related to dominant areas for fat storage. The pear-shaped body type has tendencies for fat deposition in lower body parts such as buttocks, thighs and hips. The apple-shaped types are those considered to release higher androgen hormones, with fats more distributed in areas as abdomen, face and chest. If you can’t help but worry on this fact, then you should get hold of yourself and pace away from another factor called stress. Too much anxiety does more pranks behind your back by driving the release of cortisone, prompting the production of sugar in excess, hence, urging you to eat more. Then the age factor also gets in the way, slowing down our ability to burn calories. We might try to consider looking after our minor habits such as slouching posture making your belly bulge more prominently and of course the uncontrollable habit of eating late night before you go to bed.

       EDS, not a friend of mine, shed the light to my problem. So “E,” as I note it, stands for practicing a specific exercise that works on the belly. Sit ups are popular and effective when done properly. You could check online instructions on physical activities, particularly working on your abdominal muscles. Diet comes next, focusing more on fiber-rich foods. Then I found compression garments like Shapewear, which are now available in famous brands such as Vedette, Spanx or Dr. Rey’s. It is one of the breakthrough means, non surgical way of toning your belly into a figure you’re aiming to achieve.

      Again, here’s a story not so unusual, but a common one mostly taken for granted. So when you face that mirror next time, barely getting that dress in, you’ll soon realize your belly starts crying “Yelp!”


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