Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watching out on Holes When You’re on Your Heels

Runway unfolds the direction to women’s fashion. Whatever walks the floor, whether it is a multicolored summer dress with odd prints, or a leather textured top for a casual mode, we gobble every bit of what it suggests. To add to it, who wears them is a mirror we want to see ourselves through for fashion’s sake. The news is, our current time’s definition of sexy comes in two L’s—Light and Length. These, apart from the new cooking formula waiting to be discovered, had become a woman’s major obsession. Lightness gave way to a number of slimming techniques, and among the infinite number of ways are pills, lasers or surgical method, strenuous exercises, lifestyle change as eating habits, body shaper, etc. Length on the other hand, opened a flick of admiration to an extra closet for high heels, and took us to the shoe mall entrance, earliest hour of the day, in time for sale.

The history of fashion sends us 15th century back when corsets and chopines are penetrating the general market. Chopines are type of platform shoes that could reach up to at most 30 inches in height. This is comparable to the lotus shoes of Chinese women, symbolizing a certain social standing .With its growing appeal on women, it had now evolved into various forms as low heels, chunky type, kitten, stiletto, cone, wedge or pool. Though its significance may have changed through time, its pains nevertheless seem to have been passed on, amazingly bearing it with the same endurance. Every day, we set our foot forward, literally, to various risks which considerably may lead to something serious if disregarded. Ever slept the night with intolerable pain on your back and toes after a day ramping your stilettos? I did and had to consider bringing in flat shoes when I have to spend most of the day standing up. The reason being for that discomfort we often experience is the pressure imposed heavily on our back when we’re wearing high heels. The weight being put on the foot bent upward, flexes the body to a forward position, leaving a bigger strain on the back. But who says we have to give up style and elegance for the same distress our great, great grand moms had been through? The ways are as simple as caring for your toe nails. Carry around flat shoes you could change to when the discomfort becomes bothering enough. Pamper yourself with a good massage rejuvenating your stressed muscles. Try wearing compression type garments such as Vedette Shapewear, which acts as back support and/or posture corrector.

High heels are part of women’s make up. Without it, a dress is just another over sized accessory, needing a pair to define its great details. It wouldn’t hurt though to be conscious of caring for oneself. In the long run, when the risks become inevitable, the closest you could get is just staring at your precious shoes on a rack.


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