Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hollywood Secrets on Post Partum

What makes Hollywood celebrity moms real stars? Amazingly, even after going through the most exasperating phase of womanhood, they’ve still managed to break through the frustrating natural tendencies of post partum. Who would have thought that after gaining 45 pounds during the course of pregnancy, they could just strut back in 7 weeks, radiantly stunning in runway. We can only assume that Dr. Quack did all the wonders to making Ms. Celebrity completely transformed into Ms. Hot Momma. To some, it’ll probably be an option especially when collagen breakage (also regularly termed as stretch marks) broke vanity to post partum depression. But let’s talk about moms like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and Noemi Watts, whom to our relief admittedly that there was no superhuman secret that made them strikingly the same at all. Shapewear, saved their days of critic’s meticulous checking on how awkwardly fat they’ve been after the pregnancy.

The reality that most failed to see is that celebrity moms also have to struggle recovering from the after-effects of giving birth. The moment you’ve start putting back your old wardrobe to fit in, you can only think of nothing but to lose weight. To Hollywood stars, what made it more complicated were them being a possible target of paparazzi’s fascination for fat bulges, also considered as a deformity if they are on a spotlight. Heidi Klum, a Victoria’s Secret supermodel claimed once that she added on 20 pounds of fat, when she’s about to host a fashion event 4 weeks after giving birth. Among some of their other worries too are sagging breasts, prominent fat deposits on the abdomen, buttocks, back, thighs and hips which made dressing up a frustrating experience. Then came shapewear, once exclusively used by celebrities, which now had become a common use to the general market for its practicality. There are few tips though women should be reminded to utilize its effective ways. If you’re looking for popular brands, each has its own strength, depending on what you’re specifically looking for. Victoria’s Secret, initially known to fashion sensual ligeries, created shapewear themed with the same style. Miraclesuit focuses on creating printed body shaper, elegantly can be worn as a swimsuit too. Spanx has varied women’s apparel exquisitely made to combine style with contouring ability. Vedette works solely on manufacturing wide range of shapewear types, with different compression control working on conforming certain areas of concern to women. Another pointer to consider when looking for a body shaper is to find one that’s smaller than your actual size. The garment’s firming strength helps you tuck in that excess fat present on problem areas you need to work on. Then finally, wear a specific body shaper that suits your particular needs. If you’re aiming to achieve a slimmer silhouette comprising almost whole body parts, a full body shaper type does the job. For an hourglass figure that requires to be accentuated when wearing a sexy top, waist cinchers work best in evening out fat bulges on your abdomen and back, while cutting down your waist size to smaller. Body suit on the other hand, is often continuous with a brassiere and derriere enhancer, perfect for those wanting to revive a fuller breast and buttocks.

Celebrity secrets whether untold or broadcasted show an obvious truth about how they’ve relived their natural beauty. All it takes is women’s innovative mind, appreciating their innate grace needing to come once again.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Behind the Scene of Walking Out

We are most preoccupied by our one-sided reflection on a plane life-size mirror, sometimes disregarding the impression we make when we leave the floor without those conscious eyes behind our back. Swaying people with a respective image starts from the moment you’ve swept the crowd or room with your presence until you’ve walked out that leaves finality to that impression. For some, a thumb down behind your back is more than frustrating. The great reality is, you can be in control of what response you want to get out from people, setting apart other factors for consideration. There’s truth to it when people say “looks talk,” which then opens a chance for you to empower oneself.

Vedette's shapewear lies on the compression make up which makes it an impressive body shaper, compelling in its function of framing women to flawless silhouette. Amaline, one of Vedette's significant body suit collections, features its ability to boost buttocks into a fuller form. Categorized in medium compression control, the body shaper sculpts women’s body into a refined curve by working on common problem areas such as abdomen, waist and back. It sculptures figure to a natural beauty by flattening out unwanted bulges on belly and back parts, while trimming down waist size, fashioning your body shape to a model form. The body suit is continuous with derriere enhancer extending the undergarment to thighs. The powernet fabric, made more comfortable with cotton lining, also gives your buttocks the lift it needs to give your back a lustful look while slimming down your thighs. The undergarment was made accessible to women of all built with its wide range of sizes available, secured with straps adjustable. It’s also known to be of therapeutic use to those who underwent an operation, in an effort to revive the figure lost after the caesarian surgery performed or those in a post operative stage, after liposuction for instance. Styled in fashion, the body suit comes in two flexible colors such as black and nude, patterned with zip front closure.

Like any other movies, a person only gets to give a concluding remark after the whole scene. The same way when we present ourselves, it only ends until we’ve turned around to show the rest of what describes us. That only means great show deserves a great ending, and the way to giving it a grand exit is a behind that’s worth a royal applaud.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Painting the Town in Divine White

There’s always an awkward moment in wardrobe fitting and a general perspective for most has something to do with their silhouette and how it’s complimenting skin color. You’ve probably experienced wearing something that screams “I exist,” either because you surpassed the gleaming natural light with highly-toned neon green or your excess is more than eager to come out from tight-fitting strangulation. The options then bring most women to choosing the safest tone in nude, black or white color. White, being often associated with purity and grace, has an appealing accent especially for summer-themed dresses. Let’s not forget though that there are white-scare pointers to look after, gearing away from a fashion statement turning to a fashion disaster.

White draws attention to skin color featuring more the beauty of its natural tone, reason why it’s more favored by warm skin-colored women. One of the worries though related to wearing white dresses is its tendency to making what’s underneath apparent, when the fabric is not appropriately picked out. So instead of enjoying the walk to flaunt your wardrobe, you’ll end up stalking on whoever looks at your behind for obvious reasons. Specific garment types you can check are those made of cotton or linen. Another way of testing its transparency is by holding it up against the light with your hands placed behind the fabric. There are also fabric types which cling to the skin, exposing what could have been a fascination or dismay to onlookers. This could be resolved though by wearing the right undergarment. Lingerie of natural colors such as buff, plain white or nude work best and would definitely suit if paired with bikini, thong or undies with lacy trend for a seamless effect. There are also body suit shapewear that perfectly fit such wardrobe eliminating the concerns on the inconvenience of see-through garment. Popular choices among women are corset coupled with thong lingerie from Victoria’s Secret or Vedette’s Melanie bodysuit in dress form. Aside from its suitability on dress form outfit, its significance also comes with its benefit in contouring women’s body into a flawless silhouette given the garment’s compression ability. It tucks in obvious excess fats, evening out undesirable bulges in areas such as abdomen and back while slimming down waist, enabling you to ramp the dress like a model figure. The last thing you should work on with white dress too is accessorizing it with right footwear and bangles, depending on the plainness of the dress.

The divinity of white is measured through the wearer itself. You can paint the town with the same color by exuding confidence, such that you are what your clothes mean.

The “It” That Made Me a Superhero

I wonder why most superheroes all look seemingly perfect in supreme silhouette. We have Wonder Woman, Elektra, Catwoman, Starfire, etc, all of which are influential in remodeling ourselves to image portrayal. Being looked up to, we could have asked what made them if they are to be real-life characters. We could only assume that it’s the supernatural gift they use to overpower unnatural forces of evil opponents or the fascinating fact of superseding reality. But who cares about acquiring the same power and attending to a colossal responsibility when you have daily struggles to mind yourself such as work, bills or errands. The closest being we can get to beyond those hopeless dreams is to dress ourselves, emerge as their like in their average form. The idea is a woman in flawless figure with all admirable descriptions wrapped into one. Fuller breast, small waist, smooth contour, long legs, rounder buttocks are just one of the specific requirements to pose the same striking frame.

The first thinking that comes to us when we talk about full make over is a doctor with mallet, big scissors and all sorts of metal incision accessories you could think of to give you a complete overhaul. The trends of time comforted us by walking away from hospital-bed fears. Vedette’s full body shaper Gisele enchanted us with an innovative solution to achieving hourglass figure with the undergarment’s medium compression control. The advanced power net fabric, being the major component of the garment, contributed to tucking in stubborn fat bulges appearing in body areas such as abdomen, back and waist. The body suit is continuous through your thighs, working its magic on giving you a slender, fat-free look. Another cream feature of this body suit is its open bottom enhancer, which holds up your buttocks for a firm, enticing form, turning you into an image of exquisite appeal. Perfect for pairing with body-hugging dresses or skinny jeans, the body shaper comes in black color with adjustable straps to fit women of flexible sizes. Styled with hook-and-eye front closure, this garment adheres to a picture of both functionality and fashion.

There exist the modern women superheroes of our time. Like any comic book superheroes, what made them is not that suit vibrant in colors and flashing specs. It is that figure within that suit, emanating at her best.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Last Words to Granny Wolf Closet

What was Granny Wolf hiding beneath those gentle, warm outfit to lure little red riding hood? Oh, it was his hairy skin and frightful look that keeps people away. The story being retold a number of times in kiddies’ schools, is amazingly interesting enough to put in as an analogy for adults. Though statistics might have not provided any details yet on who still wears granny undergarment out of the subjects’ humiliation, there are still those who couldn’t let go for some reason of that piece in their closet. In case you’re wondering what falls into that category, granny lingerie are outdated and traditionally less indulging as dictated by sociological trend at the time when it first came out into the market. You’re probably familiar with camisoles, pettipants or long-legged panties, half slips or cullotte slips to name a few, which I would love to donate in archeological museums out of fascination. To women, we should learn to let go. There are reasons why it was let go by our fashion lawmakers and without further justification, self realization would give you answers.

While lingerie had explored every mounting possibility to describe sexy, not everyone though could grasp the idea by looking at the mirror. When measurement and figure are not delightful enough to please the bearing mirror, the concern leads women back to trying granny’s old medicine. The great news is that Vedette sees this struggle and with its commitment towards redefining women through their natural beauty, came out with sensual lingerie and a body shaper into one. Popular choices among women for recommendation are Vedette’s Veronique, Marian, Veva and Megane. Veronique is a body suit continuous with bra, made fashionable with its polka dot print, vertically streamed to a slimmer look. This undergarment is available in charming lilac or glamorous purple. Marian is another body suit uniquely designed with Spanish lace trim cut, exquisite enough to be used as a regular top. Veva is one of Vedette’s cream, polished with Valencian lace tone for a classic beauty finish. Another garment is the waist cincher type called Megane, also designed with lace sophistication. All these shapewear has compression ability that makes it competent in sculpting women to a perfect silhouette. The undergarments work on proportioning areas with uneven fatty bulges such as waist, abdomen and back, contouring your figure to a flawless form that deserves a crown. Those body suit shapewear with bra attached gives your bust a fuller form, adding to a more enticing appeal.

Throwing away the knick knacks you’ve inherited from granny might be difficult for you but sometimes old ways doesn’t work. Besides, you don’t want to end up hiding your ancient lingerie the same way granny old wolf did it. It’s time to open that closet and say “Adios!” to that rusted undies set you’ve been hiding for years.

The Adventure of Back Chic

Our generation is liberation of women’s character, celebrating the beauty that exudes from within and out. It is for this purpose that fashion industry challenge women with daring styles, affirming the essence of natural allure in stature and form. A perfect fashion piece to model this trend is the undergarment or swimsuit specifically in thong form, which had now dominated pageants, ramps, pictorials and regular public preference. Thongs are lingerie type currently used as either swimsuit or underwear, but was drawn from its ancestor garment type called loincloth. It’s interesting to know that the element of bare was first inspired by men tribe members, with the whole community embracing the practicality of garment cover itself, which is to just cover and protect. You would understand that society on a majority scale defines the acceptable. So if one decides to walk around these days with that underwear to shop for groceries, you’ll most likely end up in prison for an insane offense. Through the stages of civilization, the community had proclaimed the existence of fashion industry that recognizes sense of artistry especially in clothing areas. So the mid 1960’s gave way to the first bare skinned swimsuit termed monokini by its designer Gernreich. It had become the descendant of what we call thong, gaining popularity in South America around mid 1970’s. It finally reached the US consumer, which had now become one of the major advocates of its various types such as g-string, c-string, t-back, v-string and the traditional ones.

Thong though regularly a piece to hit public places now such as beach, still carries the essence of sensuous mystery, which springs more of its demand in undergarment clothing trade. The idea of the unseen is what brings about an inviting curiosity among onlookers when women wear this. The trick of this garment is that it has a seamless effect when wearing a tight fitting satin or cottony fabric Capri, pants or skirts, enhanced more by light-colored clothing. A definite must-have, there are suggested stylish designs from major designer brands you could choose from, among which are Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, or those as an extension of shapewear style such as Spanx and Vedette’s Aimee, Angele or Nadine. The functionality of shapewear as part of its advantage, tones every problem areas of women such as waist, back and belly.

The history of thong is a breakthrough that was passed on for centuries due to wide purposes as convenience, functionality or practicality. But among those sensible resolutions that could possibly arouse, the most significant one is its value on illustrating women, born as a natural beauty.

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