Monday, October 4, 2010

The Adventure of Back Chic

Our generation is liberation of women’s character, celebrating the beauty that exudes from within and out. It is for this purpose that fashion industry challenge women with daring styles, affirming the essence of natural allure in stature and form. A perfect fashion piece to model this trend is the undergarment or swimsuit specifically in thong form, which had now dominated pageants, ramps, pictorials and regular public preference. Thongs are lingerie type currently used as either swimsuit or underwear, but was drawn from its ancestor garment type called loincloth. It’s interesting to know that the element of bare was first inspired by men tribe members, with the whole community embracing the practicality of garment cover itself, which is to just cover and protect. You would understand that society on a majority scale defines the acceptable. So if one decides to walk around these days with that underwear to shop for groceries, you’ll most likely end up in prison for an insane offense. Through the stages of civilization, the community had proclaimed the existence of fashion industry that recognizes sense of artistry especially in clothing areas. So the mid 1960’s gave way to the first bare skinned swimsuit termed monokini by its designer Gernreich. It had become the descendant of what we call thong, gaining popularity in South America around mid 1970’s. It finally reached the US consumer, which had now become one of the major advocates of its various types such as g-string, c-string, t-back, v-string and the traditional ones.

Thong though regularly a piece to hit public places now such as beach, still carries the essence of sensuous mystery, which springs more of its demand in undergarment clothing trade. The idea of the unseen is what brings about an inviting curiosity among onlookers when women wear this. The trick of this garment is that it has a seamless effect when wearing a tight fitting satin or cottony fabric Capri, pants or skirts, enhanced more by light-colored clothing. A definite must-have, there are suggested stylish designs from major designer brands you could choose from, among which are Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, or those as an extension of shapewear style such as Spanx and Vedette’s Aimee, Angele or Nadine. The functionality of shapewear as part of its advantage, tones every problem areas of women such as waist, back and belly.

The history of thong is a breakthrough that was passed on for centuries due to wide purposes as convenience, functionality or practicality. But among those sensible resolutions that could possibly arouse, the most significant one is its value on illustrating women, born as a natural beauty.


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