Monday, June 28, 2010

Forms of Body Fitness

Keeping the body fit and strong is one of our main goals of a good life.  Whether we like it or not, in able to live life to the fullest a lot of efforts have to be taken.  For some, they thought dieting is the only way to stay lean and fabulous.  Yes, that is partially true however cutting down the bad stuff alone is not an effective facility to have a healthy lifestyle. Every one of us wants to have a good and healthy way of life, but with the current trends that are happening today, we hardly get the courage to resist temptations.

Temptations are everywhere—the most tempting one are the fast food chains.  Let us admit that these food outlets are so helpful in our (busy) daily lives.  It gives us ease in juggling our daily, topsy-turvy routine.  Most of our breakfasts, lunches and even dinners depend on these food-to-go stores and admittedly it is such a great relief for a dog-eat-dog world like what we have.  However this convenience puts our health in the edge. 

It is our responsibility to keep our health always in check.  Bear in mind that living in the healthiest manner as possible is the ultimate obligation every person has to fulfill. Good thing, there are alternatives on staying fit—what else? Work outs.

As simple as it may sound, so usual to be done.  But yes, these exercise routines are extremely beneficial in our lives.  As time goes by, people discover a lot of workout techniques in cutting the flab.

This is a form of physical exercise that focuses on the muscle strength and stamina of our body.  It improves almost all the elements of fitness- flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.  This is often done with a trainer but can be done solo. Also, some prefer to do this activity with a musical accompaniment.  A choreography exercise does not only burn our fats but eliminate stress too.

This is the most relaxing body fitness activity.  Originated from India, Yoga aims to help people find their center to attain good health.  We are benefited from its body flexing and stretching, that are performed.  It strengthens our core and put as in a perfect state of mind.  For the Yogis (a person who is religiously into yoga) they consider this as a kind of mental activity leading to a supreme state.

A state-of-the-art technique to a good well being.  This is a method of physical fitness that teaches us how to mind control our muscles.  Basically the aim of this activity is to let us find our balance core and teaches us awareness of breath and alignment of the spine. Particularly, it aims to strengthen the deep core of torso muscles.

This is another form of exercise that is equally physical like aerobics.  Uniquely a Brazilian folk dance with improvised fighting movements; many became followers of this latest gym craze.  In lay man’s term, it is a combination of martial arts, music and dance.  

Lemon: A Powerful Fruit

Ever since, lemon is considered as one of the most staple fruits in the market.  In the reason that, it is not just a wonderful kitchen item (a great piece for our culinary masterpieces) but also, it is something that is ultra-fabulous for our wares as well.  And not to mention, an excellent produce for our health too!   Well it is unarguable that from this tiny thing, you can get almost anything you need without-a-do.

This versatile fruit (a hybrid between sour orange and citron) is reported to have been originated in the land of Asia, but had its first cultivation in the vast place of Europe in fifteenth century.  Then later on, it began to bear more in the continent of America.  Though it has been introduced late in every Caucasian household, this healthy crop is surprisingly noted as one of the most in-demand buys in all corners of the US markets than those of other locations (including Asia and Europe). 

Have you ever wondered why does this sunny-yellow fruit remain to be an American favorite?  The list below can prove why:

Improve flavor.  Considering as one of the most favorite culinary pieces, of course this specification should topnotch in the list!  If you want to have your food to taste succulenty tempting, well the right armor is found on your vegetable corner.  Have this vitamin C -enriched fruit sliced into two to easily extract out the fragrant juice it endowed.  Green tea when mixed with a few drops of lemon will lessen its bitterness, added to that can help increase your body’s absorption of the antioxidant (derived from the tea) too.  In the same way to some other recipes, when poured with these yummy drops the food will turn out to be magically tasty.

Get fresh and clean.  It is not just beneficial on our body system but it is likely to be nourishing on our armpits and feet too!  Yes, these sensitive corners of our body can get aid from these sunny limes as well.  When mixed with baking soda, the sweaty feet and armpits can be cured safely.  Its powerful extracts can easily kill the bacteria produced by sweaty glands.

Soothe sunburn.  Who said that a bottle of lotion alone can heal the sunburns? Well, you might be coming up a conclusion too fast.  Experts say that this sunny-yellow fruit is safe to use in soothing aching tan lines.  Mix the raw lemon juice with cool water and gently apply on your skin.  A great skin relief will come very quick.

De-stain your laundry.  Very clearly as it is stated.  This fabulous fruit can do wonders on your sheets too!  Stubborn stains can be rid of through the powerful help of those drops.  Squeeze a lemon juice on the ink blemish, let it sit overnight.  Then proceed to laundering as usual on the following day.  Repeat it until the tarnish fades away. 

Clean your spot.  Lemon is another chemical substance that can help clean dirty areas of your home.  This naturally eliminates bacteria and purely leaves a good smelling aroma in your place. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Facial Care

A good hygiene starts with proper care.  One of the most visible arenas to consider is found right just in front of the mirror—your face.  Your look depends not just in the way you dress up but in the way you care for your exterior asset.  However keeping a good looking and healthy skin, challenges some girls.  They spend big bucks to be able to meet this facial necessity.  In effect, only limited women can afford to do this and, those who have not enough pennies, oftentimes take this for granted.  Good thing, this facial issue has becoming a great concern in today’s posh world.
Learn some ways on how to have a glowing feature without spending big bucks:

Lather, rinse. When some spend only 5 minutes in washing their faces, many experts advise that it is always good to allocate more time in the sink.  It is better to not rush things when you are lathering and rinsing this core asset of you.  Pull back your hair and clamp it with a rubber or tie, to freely rub your skin with your favorite facial wash.  Lather gently on your top until it foams, make sure it will reach all corners of your face (up to your hairline). Then, soothingly massage it for a minute in an upward circular motion.  This will stimulate and relax the nerves.      

Steam to deep-clean.  A few facial experts always have a heavy-duty steam machine in tow whenever they are on their facial duty.  Steam treatment helps slough away the debris without causing inflammation in your skin.  But why splurge in such expensive procedure when you can do it yourself? Soak a towel in warm water then wring it out.  Drape it on your face for five minutes.  If you want to experience a more relaxing treatment, have a few drops of lavender or rose oil in the washcloth and viola—an instant aromatherapy for you!  You get the heat’s benefit without the machinery and a spa treatment without paying out some big bucks.

Quench thirsty skin.  After cleansing, steaming and sloughing away all the dirt in your face, it is expected that your skin may feel a little tight.  Pros share a few make-it-yourself rehydrating procedures in leaving your skin especially dewy. Prepare the cotton gauze found from your medicine cabinet and cut it into four 4-inch portions.  Dampen it with an alcohol-free toner and lay them across your forehead, chin and cheeks for 15 minutes.  This quenches your dehydrated facial feature also making your skin extra soft and glowing.  You may do this step as you listen to a relaxing music for a much more comfortable experience.

Lock in moisture.  Now, your skin is smooth and plumped up.  Keep this glowing look all day long by spreading dots of your favorite moisturizing cream on your face.  Seal in moisture with a serum containing strengthening peptides, which experts confirm that it helps stimulate collagen production on your feature.  But take especial concern on the eye areas.  These corners have fewer oil glands, so it is preferred to use specific eye creams instead.     

Fashion 101 for the Wise Gals

Being updated in fashion and always in touched with the latest style are one of the main concerns of some women.  I firmly believe that this is true.  It is a fact that women are directly linked to fashion.  This is proved knowing that they are the number one supporters of the latest runway shows; the ultimate admirers of designers’ newest brainchild; the devotees of the hottest make-up frills; not to mention the ardent lovers of the most recent perfume scent.  Everything that speaks of fashion—there are girls all over!

But sporting the trendiest garments is not always an ideal for some ladies.  There are few considerations to keep in mind before strutting the finest clothe in town.

Learn to choose a dress depending on the frame of your body.
When the skinny jeans became a fad, almost all of the ladies are seen wearing one.  However, whether we admit it or not, they are a few who really carry it to a T but there are some who simply come out below par walking in those pair of jeans.  This is because, these ladies overlook the significance of figuring out the kind of body built they have.  Whether you are a big-framed babe or a small-framed chick, depend on some accessories to hide the bulges or cover some petite flaws then knock off a top which can perfectly blend the style.  Keen eyes are all you need.

Make sure that you are comfortable while you are on it. 
Given that a design you are cladding in is extremely beautiful, but do you feel comfy enough having it on?  Never take for granted the level of comfort it can bring while strutting the hottest cut of the year.  It is always advisable to prioritize the easiness and convenience you can get as you flaunt your fabulous pieces; because confidence always comes visible when you are relaxed and at ease. 

When you are after the longevity of one’s attire, never settle for a second rate.
Whether you are choosing your shoes, dresses, accessories, perfumes, bags, make-ups (most especially) and everything stylish to boot, the kind of its quality should be the foremost consideration.  Yes, there are items that are very affordable however these are the things you hardly keep for years because of its low caliber.  For example, when purchasing a bag, sometimes it is a wise buy when you pick something that is branded. Why? Expensive items are certified durable and reliable for long keeps, apart from the customer satisfaction level, their brand credibility is what that they equally value (who would want to have their name gets tarnished anyway).  But keep in mind that how luxurious these items may be, when you do not know how to properly care for those precious ones, it will not last as it is expected to.

Choosing a classic piece is oftentimes necessary.
Designers’ couture’s are some of the girl’s favorite pieces, but make sure that you have something that has a classic cut in store.  Such little black dresses or the denims and cotton tees, can be a good grooming investment. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Self Discovery Tip: De-Stress

The stress makes us apparently unproductive.  It leaves us all cluttered and ineffective in our daily jobs. Also, it affects us emotionally and physically.  So it is good to know some means to kick off the harassing tensions.  Here are a few of the easiest ways to beat that excruciating constant worrying. 

Hit the sheets—Catching up a good night sleep will make you up and about for the next day’s heavy work.  An 8-hour straight of rest fuels you for the following day, so it is recommended by the doctors to follow this routine. In this way, we are able to replenish and refresh our body system to its optimal condition.  However, a lack of sleep may only result to a worse effect. When we continuously do not get the right amount of sleep, we are prone to impaired moods, memory and concentration; dampened immune system and yes, this can be a cause of accident too!  This will definitely affect your overall performance that sometimes glitches relationships and dealings.

Keep communication open—See to it that your lines are consistently open to your friends.  It is sometimes good to have someone to talk to especially when you are in the verge of emotional explosion due to the consuming burdens from your everyday work.  It is always healthy to have someone listen to your crying pains and angst—such a great relief!  We are fortunate that now-a-days communication are very accessible and not that expensive life before (long distance rates to 50 bucks a minute).  With the power of the World Wide Web, we can able to get in touch with our loved ones easily and affordable.  

A whiff of fragrance—don’t you know that the booming fragrance business is very worthy these days?  Doctors lately discovered that aromas are one of the best cures to depression or stress.  The fragrant smell it brings is a good mood booster for the ailing hearts and tired bodies.  Recent studies show that a pleasant aroma can get you in a better state of mind.  That means it will help you become relaxed and get you revamped from the exhausting days of work.  Also this is a good brain enhancer that produces up energy particles to a lame, restless mood.  Great to know that today, you cannot just buy your favoring scent but also create your own fragrance too!  Now you have the option or choices that suit on every mood.  

Dance the day away—Physical activity is another way to de-stress.  Yes, if you think that seems more excruciating and tiring, well you are wrong.  Through exercising, we are able to help our body reset and refresh.  High-adrenalines are produced on our every stretching and exerting of the body.  It relieves anxiety and improves sleep routine and health fitness.  It is like we are machines that sometimes need some warm-up to be able to run better and perform well.  But keep in mind to carefully choose the right kind of exercise program to undergo for a more and better outcome.          


Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Eating Habits

Having manners at the table is not just good in making a good impression. But don’t you know that it is good for whittling waist too!  Effortlessly carve your shape through these tips that are very easy to follow.  

Take your time.  As you are eating your meal, it is good to slowly chew every bit of the chow so that the food you are taking in can burn easily.  Also, if you are feasting at a snail’s pace, you have the tendency to eat less, which means fewer calories are to be taken.  This can give you the chance to savor your every meal too!  It is obviously hard to enjoy every bite when you gobble up. Also, eating leisurely can benefit you with a good digestion as well!  Added to that, this eliminates stress.  Taking pleasure in every meal is a form of mind exercising.  Try to put down your utensils on each bite.  This controls you from digging up on the banquet too fast.  But make sure to do the gestures with grace.  Place the tines of the fork and the blade of the knife on your plate properly.

Butter Better.  We are crazy with taking bread and butter every morning.  Yes, these favorite meals are the energy boosters for almost everyone.  Though, this delicious lard can make every food tastes so good and enslaving, this can bring harm to your health if excessively taken. There is a technique to avoid gorging on it.  Instead of directly spreading butter on to your bread, you can use a butter knife to slice a section of the serving dish and place it on the plate.  Through this, you can better control of the amount of this fat-laden-butter you take in. Also you can be saved from the frightening oils this gives.

Pass it on.  Learn to share your dish.  Becoming greedy on the table will only put you at the verge of unhealthiness.  If you see the gravy boat served in front of you, a little table spoon or small cup is enough for a condiment.  Sometimes too much of the appetite do not just harm your fitness but also leaves you a very ugly impression.  So, learn to pass the meal on the person right next to you.  This is not just a plain courteous manner but also keeps the high calorie items out of your reach.  

Be keen to clean.  After enjoying your delicious meal, it is always nice to lend a hand in cleaning up the finished dishes.  Fixing the messy table wares can be good to your friendship and your figures too!  Cleaning up things like sweeping the floor, clearing out the table, washing the dishes are simple ways to help burn calories.  Make sure that after you eat, avoid slouching in the couch for so long or worse, sleeping right away because this can only impede the proper digesting of our body.  Also, this bad habit can lower the rate our body metabolism. Thus, more fats are kept in our in our flabs instead. 

Four Vital Summer Essentials

This summer, everyone is so excited to go outdoors—at the beach, in the pool, on the hillside, and just about anywhere that has sunlight to play under.  But embracing the sun requires some summer essentials to keep up with its hotness.  So it is best advised to know some of the basic items we need to have while we are about to saunter under the rays.   Here are the four vital summer essentials to carry with while we enjoy under the tropical heat:
Hat – Protect from overexposure.  We all know that Vitamin D is the best thing we can get this summer.  This happens when the ultra violet rays coming from the sunlight strike our skin, then the vitamin D synthesis will be able to trigger and activate in our body.  Thus, a supplement is produced endogenously for our daily nutrient consumption.  But when overly exposed with its components, this biologically inert source of nourishment will only generate otherwise.  So before it is too late, it is advised to shield our skin early on when we know that the rays can give off pain instead. Cover your heads for a possible sunbeam hit. 

Facial Spray—Give your skin a boost of moisture and help you stay refreshed all day long.  As we assail in the midst of burning sunrays, it is best recommended to habitually spritz on some cool water on our face.  Aside from dehydrating our body, hot weather can spark off ageing which leads to some scary wrinkles.  Not that, it can also risk us from the fatal skin cancer in the form of melanoma.  So when you cannot stay away completely from the sun, make sure to always have this with you for some cooling fix.

Cotton top—Wicks perspiration away instantly, to keep you cool and comfortable all day.  It is natural that as we go out and about under the heat of the sun, heavy sweating occurs fully in our body.  It is because our bod gets rid of the accumulated excess heat mounted up from the high-temperature environment.  Though, the doctors say that this body fluid emission is a healthy body activity (it releases out body toxins and gives off energy) it is still needed to be particular with it.  Body’s perspiring, if left unattended may lead to discomfort and sometimes sickness like cough and colds.  So regularly change your worn out tank top with a new one to keep you on the go. 

Sunscreen— for some, tan lines are beautiful but little did we know these are only a proof that our skin has been damaged.  After a long exposure under the flare; sunburnt or tan is produced in our body.  This is the inflammation of our skin caused from the ultra violet radiation.  It is aesthetically attractive but apparently painful.  That is why it is advisable to wear some sunscreen 30 minutes before the sun exposure to be able to shield us from the striking beams and prevent us from the ouches it may bring.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Beauty Survival Kit is a Must

Whenever you are on a romantic date or in a presentation for a dream project, make sure that you are always at your best.  This is very important especially when you want to excel and create a good impression to a certain person or to the public.    Because keeping yourself always beautiful and presentable will help you perform very easy.  However, there are times that a beauty emergency arrives.  Simply learn to handle it well and go on with what you are doing.  Beauty consultants recommend an easy solution for this beauty mayhem—a beauty survival kit.  It is advisable to carry this with you at all times. 

A Lip gloss or a clear lip shimmer.  No matter how seductive or kissable your lips are, this wonderful beauty tool is advisable to be always in your purse. Dry lips connote poor health.  This can give you an impression that you are not taking care of your self well.  Also, when on a date, once the food is done, go to the powder room and use this magical tool. Or, simply apply a little on your pout in front of your date.  You may not even know that this may entice him to try out your supple lips!

Mini mouthwash.  Of course, it is not always good to have attractive smackers, alone. A good breathe will always add sensation to your looks.  Many guys get easily turned off to a girl’s poor mouth hygiene and of course, like wise for the ladies.  Also, this fabulous mini bottle will always keep you on the go especially after eating seafood lunch, or sipping your favorite coffee.  Rinse away those unwanted smell it brings.

Dental floss.  No one should miss this out.  This minty thread can save you from a possible humiliation. A food excess found between your teeth is a big turn off!  Thus creating an impression on your date, most especially, will turn out to be one hell of a problem.  Also, if this is left unattended and becomes a habit, this can lead to a poor dental scenario.  So, keep that floss around and enjoy a worry-free moment with your precious one. 

Pressed powder.  A compact kit will save your day from a possible facial turmoil—excess oil. This is number one’s most hateful thing to have on our face.  Not everyone is gifted with a flawless and grease less face and just in case you are one of them, still this beauty device is needed for fixing.  A little application will make you look refreshed even after a heavy day of work.  

A bottle of cologne.  Well, a bottle of this fragrant spray is definitely a must!  Complete your fabulous attire and look with a spritz of this alluring fragrance. This is a beauty boost that will make you desirably at your best.  Let this fragrance linger and create a fantastic impression.  

Keep this kit around will definitely keep you from a possible pain of humiliation.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 Easy Steps to a Sexy Summer Skin

Now is the time to shelf off those winter clothes and rainy coats, because summer is here!  Embrace the sun with a glowing skin, and standout over the rest with you bikini-worthy body.  You will sure to enjoy an all-night party at the beach.  And to keep the fashion aglow, have this sexy two-piece worn on a skin that is ultra alluring. 

Here are the tips on how to get a sexy summer skin:

Do not forget to exfoliate.  This is the number one thing to do when you are expected to expose long under the heat of the sun.  It will protect you from the painful rays and give you a skin that is seductively supple and smooth, which everybody envies. When we are exfoliating, we are helping our skin to peel off that dirty outer layer we accumulated from throughout the day.  Also, this will make your skin look younger and irresistibly tempting to touch. Scrubs and/or other exfoliating lotions or creams are the most accessible and readily available exfoliating tools we can always depend on.  But if you want to have a lasting and quick result, you could check out with your dermatologist for some recommendations.

Hairless skin is in.  Shave off that stubborn hair excess from all your corners. This will give you the ultra comfortable feeling while you glow under the beaming sunlight.  But make sure to shear it off with care. It is recommended to apply a base moisturizer before proceeding on the shaving.  Otherwise, it will only scar your outer layer that could result to an ugly sheath.  On the other hand, some prepares the magic of wax, for it gives quicker outcome and less painful.  Remember, in trimming off that annoying fur, always use cream before and after.      

Cover the spots.  To reveal a completely flawless looking skin, use concealers. Make this skin’s best friend always be available on your purse when you need it.  Since summer is so hot, the perfect wear to don is your skin. Well, as they say skin is in!  So flaunt it at your best—without the blemish.  In able to show it off fabulously, spread a little and smear it off gently to blend well on your unwanted spots. And remember to keep it always clean before covering it with cream shades.  The topical sight should be your best asset to have in the hottest season of the year. 

Use SPF. Sun rays are dangerous to your skin when you are repeatedly exposed on it for a long time.  On summer, it is expected for us to experience being out in the open all the time.  Usually the safest time to come forth under the sun is between 6am to 8am and that is still good for some vitamin E beams.   But when past on those times, it is recommended to always wear generous SPF lotions on your skin.  It protects you from the harmful rays of sunlight and also, shields you from possible wrinkles that this hot element gives.

Now, baring it all out in this season is never this exciting!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stress Busters Are Just Everywhere

Many of us seem to fall prey on the inevitable “stress.” But stop worrying. You can be able to smart out that disturbing nervous tension with just a little strategy.  Learn to battle out constant worrying by the delectable of a tasty meal.  Yes—the secret to kick off that harried and out-of-control feelings is in the.

Researchers have discovered that by just a little bite or two, eating the right kind of food, stress can be totally prevented.   Check out this few items that help keep strain away.

Banana- For the reason that this sweet fruit is has high-potassium content, many panicky people opt to have it for an energy boost.  Potassium can reduce hypertension and stroke, also it has full of carbohydrates, which energizes the body.  The doctors recommend to taking at least a banana or two every day.  This can surely safeguard us from the side effect of extreme pressure. Also, it has Serotonin that supplements calmness in our body. 

Oat-This fabulous fiber-enriched food is a favorite of the stress-victim people.  Like a banana, it produces Serotonin as well.  That is why those people who want to just shut down from stress, go for this fabulous calming source.  Added to that, it has also the power to keep your body feeling full, because of the fiber that is being absorbed thoroughly inside.  Therefore it slowly goes down to our body, which means the Serotonin boost gets prolonged.  Also, this is good for diabetic folks or anyone who needs to check every now and then regarding on their sugar level. 

Dark Chocolate- This tasty treat is high in Flavonoid, which are lauded for their relaxing properties. Also, it contains Phenethylamine, a chemical substance that enhances mood.  So stress-driven people can get the best of both worlds.  It not just calms their state, but it also increases good aura.  Make sure to get a chocolate that is 70% cocoa to definitely receive the wonderful gifts from this delicious indulgence. 

Skim Milk- This low fat milk can give benefit to our body as well.  It has a content that reduces arterial hypertension.  Also when drinking a warm glass of this skim milk, you are sure to protect yourself from coronary heart disease.  One study found that, a woman who drinks at least 3 to 4 glasses per day is less likely to experience PMS rather than those who do not. 

Walnuts- This salad delicious main constituent is equally beneficial to our body.  Just like the above, walnut has also its own role of providing relaxing factor to our tired bods.  For those hearts who are working so hard for so long, rely on this nut, which releases Adrenaline component. 462 And you will definitely be sure that your day is going to be simply manageable.  

Those crazy days of mother juggling; fatal moments of deadlines; challenging days for the bills—worry not anymore about these because the solution for these harassing demands will be just a kitchen away.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ways to Avoid Mindless Munching

Boredom, stress, loneliness and even feeling tired can lead you to the kitchen and trigger a mindless munching session. Eating when you’re not hungry is not only a bad habit, but it will likely lead to weight gain. Most of us reach for snacks just to pass the time, but when you want to stay fit and ward off those excess pounds, it’s important to pay attention to your hunger level and steer clear of the cookie jar, candy bowl and the kitchen! Here are some simple ways to avoid mindless munching:
Avoid Eating in Front of the Television or Computer
Make a point about not eating in front of the television, or while you’re working on the computer because it’s easy to forget what you’re eating and zone out. Sit down at the dining table when you’re eating a meal, and eat a snack in a quiet, calm environment so that you can really taste the food. This will also let your mind register that you’ve just eaten something.

Don’t Keep Junk Food Lying Around
If you have a stock of junk food in the house, you’re likely to eat it when you’re feeling sad, bored or stressed out. Stock up on healthy foods and meals that will satisfy you throughout the day so you don’t turn to unhealthy food just to pass the time. The same goes for the office – don’t fill your desk drawer with unhealthy foods and snacks.

Stop Eating before You’re Full
Most people don’t actually feel full until about 10 or 20 minutes after they’ve started eating. This means you need to slow down your eating pace and really pay attention to what you eat in order to recognize whether you’re full, or still hungry. Take the time to chew your food and make a point to stop eating when you start to feel full. 

Trick Yourself with the Right Plate Size
If you fill up a smaller plate with food, your mind will think that you are eating a large portion. The same amount of food on a larger plate will make you think that you are only getting a small portion! Pile on the food on a smaller plate so that you feel that you are eating a full meal, and you may just is more satisfied as a result.

Brush Your Teeth after a Meal
Brushing your teeth after a meal will prevent you from reaching for seconds or loading up on dessert, and will also do your gums and teeth a favor. Get into the habit of brushing your teeth after each meal so that you can break away from ‘eating mode’ and avoid mindless eating altogether.

Be a Stress Buster

Can anyone know how to stop stress?  Or better, to totally eliminate it? Well, if only we know so, maybe the world will be in a much better place by now.  Nothing is rattled; no one is harmed.  Simply, everything is just at peace.  But sadly, this can happen only in a dream.

Surviving in this world is really hard.  Competitions are high, opportunities are low.  When you are weak, you will therefore be held back with a lot of wonderful things in this world—like a good life.  Who do not wish to have one? From our wee years of living up to our golden years of aging, a comfortable life is what we all aim to have.  Lacking ability to keep up in a tough world like what we have, can stop you to live life to the fullest.

But good thing, though it may be impossible to totally ward off a strain, it can be prevented at least.  Determine your stress and create a game plan on how to deal with it.  First, you should identify its coming.  Be prepared for its attack.  Acknowledge its presence to be able to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed.  Dealing means welcoming it without any force.  

Breathe it out.  A normal gut reaction to a stress is to find a way on solving it ASAP.  But with this kind of attitude, it only exacerbates that harried, out-of-control feelings.  In effect, you will hardly handle the situation well.  Do some tricks of counting 1 to 5, act it out by a deep breathing in and a relieving breathing out.  While you are doing the exercise, visualize the phrase “I am strong, I am capable.”  A good motivation is always effective.

Lighten up your day.  If in case you may not be able to laugh about yourself, think of some happy thoughts.  Some psychologists say, good memories can help scale back a physical and physiological reaction to stress; which means, this gives you more mental resources to devote to the actual problem.  Well, it is true that laughter is the best medicine.

Put it in perspective.  Given you are in the pains of a cruel deadline. Things get out of control and it is not good anymore.  Emotions file up.  Pressure engulfs every fiber of your being.  You want to just finish things up quickly soon.  This due date throws you at the end of the world.  Well, a little strategy can do some magic.  Focus on the brighter side of the situation like, realizing that you are still lucky enough to have that job or imagine your loved ones.  Get inspired by a thought of them.  This will calm up the boiling moment.

Take steps to solve the problem.  As you are being trembled by this notorious life’s pain.  Blow up with some logistic proceedings.  On your diary, jot down one by one the ways on how to deal with it.  It is sometimes best to solve things through the help of a pen and paper.  With this you are able to keep track with the ebb and flow of worry that defocuses one’s mind.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Best Workout Plans for This Summer

Ready to get some sun and sand this summer? Don’t miss out on trips to the beach, pool parties and other events because you’re feeling out of shape! You can get yourself into beach-body shape fast with the right workout plan, and scheduling your workouts into your week will help you stay consistent and reach your fitness goals. One of the important things to remember when starting a new exercise regimen is that you need to choose workouts that you actually enjoy.
Whether you’re a fan of running, biking or like to hit the gym for some weight lifting, here are some ideas for workout plans this summer:
Cardio Circuit
If you’re tired of your usual treadmill routine, try alternating between a treadmill, elliptical machine and bike at the gym so that you can rev up your metabolism again. When you’re doing the same workout day in, day out, and your body will probably adapt and you won’t get all the benefits. Change things up so that you can maximize that calorie burn!

Kickboxing sessions can be a refreshing change from your usual aerobics class or the treadmill at the gym. This high-energy workout will burn hundreds of calories per hour and also help you tighten and tone those muscles. Try a kickboxing class one to three times per week and you’ll start seeing some great results within a month.

Running at the Beach
Did you know that you will probably burn more calories running on sand than you would on a treadmill? That’s because you will engage several muscle groups when trying to keep your balance on the uneven sand. Try jogging or running at the beach to keep up with your cardio when you’re on vacation, or hit the beach for a change of scenery.

Zumba is the hottest new fitness class and designed to help you dance off hundreds of calories per hour. This is another high-energy workout that will help you strengthen and tone your muscles, and also burn lots of extra calories. It’s a combination cardio and strength training routine, and can be a fun change from your usual workout regimen.

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of outdoor swimming pools and swimming in the ocean. Swimming is a great aerobic conditioning routine, and can help you lose weight and get in shape fast. Try swimming laps for about an hour each week to make the most of your workout in the water.

How to Resist Temptation and Stick with Your Healthy Diet

Now that warmer months and more free time in your schedule mean it’s time to hit the beach and relax outdoors, you may be paying extra attention to your figure. If you’re not ready to sport a bathing suit because of a few unwanted pounds, you may need to work on your diet habits.  

Eating healthy can be challenging when there’s some much temptation around. Fast food, summer potlucks and eating out can make it hard to stick with your healthy eating plans. Still, there are some ways to keep up with that diet so you can look great this season! Here are some tips for resisting temptation: 

1. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. If you have a habit of skipping meals or under eating, you may be setting yourself for becoming too hungry and will likely overeat at your next meal. Make sure you’re eating a small snack or meal every three to four hours so that you can keep your energy levels up and prevent an oncoming binge.

2. Eat each meal slowly. Savor every mouthful so that you really taste your food. Take small bites and make time to eat each meal sitting down at the dining table so that you are fully present. Wolfing down your food can make it difficult to be very satisfied from your meal, and may make you think you need more than you really need.

3. Drink more water. Sometimes hunger is actually disguised as thirst. You need to drink lots of water throughout the day to stay well-hydrated, and may also be able to ward off hunger pangs with this strategy.

4. Plan your meals ahead. It can be easy to get sidetracked when you’re relaxing or simply too stressed or busy to eat on a regular schedule. Plan your meals ahead of time so that you don’t end up overeating because you’re too hungry.

5. Monitor your hunger level. Some people simply eat more throughout the day out of habit. Check yourself to determine whether you really are hungry, or if you’re just bored, tired, stressed or lonely. Gauge your hunger level on a scale of one to five, and only eat if you are at a four or above. This strategy will make you think before you reach for that snack or another helping of dessert, and will make it easier for you to stick with your diet!

Spa: Healing and Relaxation

Stress—this is the main cause of all discomforts and health problems.  With a very busy life, that is a survival of the fittest and definitely a tough one; people are prone to physical and mental strain.  Admittedly everyone is on the verge of pressure.  And being rattled by the fast pace of life sets everyone in pain.  Some are able to keep up with it, but there are few who could not, or should I say hardly could.  The effect, people weaken.  They get sick.  They fail. Worse, they just ceased.  Productivity of the humankind greatly deteriorates.  In a word – life breaks down.  In order for us to stay sane and sound, balancing is the key. 
Just like a machine, humans too, do feel the need of shutting down sometime.  In this way, they are able to refuel and refresh certain programs of their body.  When the refueling takes place, the chance of a good performance is big.  The outcome, man becomes productive and efficient.  So in able to do so, man resorts to something that will make him feel replenished.  One source of it is the spa.
Spa is derived from the name of the place in Belgium, Aqua Spadenea.  A name, back in Roman times, that means to moisten.  It was told that people gather in a spring found in that town, which heals iron-deficiency-triggered illnesses.  Or sickness that specifically characterized by a deteriorating body energy.
At first it was believed to solely cure ailments, but as the years passed by, man discovered that spa is also good for keeping the body in good condition—aesthetically.  This routine is not just to cure one’s illness but also to keep one’s mind and body relaxed and beautiful.  Thus, they have innovated different kind of treatments designed for a specific body need.  
Facial spa is a procedure that is intended for facial care.  This is done mainly for the relaxing of our nerves in our facets through massaging and skin peeling.   As we all know, this method is a gently cleansing of the parts on our head area.  Also, this will help improve our appearance looks and features.  
Body Massage on the other hand is another method for relaxation.  It is done for our physique’s complete wellness.  Tired muscles are the number one target of this route.    It aims to recover and recharged weakened nerves in our body.  

Waxing is a kind of hair removal procedure that is performed obviously, from our furry part of the body.  This not only to make our skin look smooth and flawless, but it also aims to relax our pores from the ingrown hair.  It may be painful at first but as you regularly do it, the twinge lessens.  

Aromatherapy is considered the most relaxing kind of spa treatment that we can experience.  This is recharging of our body energy with the use of aromas.  Oftentimes it is done together with a body massage procedure.  

Exfoliation alternatively is a method undergoes to peel off dead skin.  This is proceeded exclusively to reveal the newer skin beneath.  As we age, our skin normally dries up then creates wrinkles.  In able to prevent or at least keep up with it, we sometimes do need to renew our epidermis or outermost surface of our skin.

With a lot of treatment procedures that have come up, Spa is basically to de-stress you and keep you on the go.

Make Your Own Gym

Health is man’s primal concern; that is why many of the entrepreneurs today are venturing businesses on the gym.  Body fitness centers are rampant in town.  These offer various kinds of sessions, such as power lifting, body building, yoga, dancing, Pilate, Capoeira and many to mention.  But to be able to register on a certain session, one must have enough funds to support.  Some gyms are famous for its state-of-the-art facilities.  These offer world-class fitness services; but expect it to be expensive.  While there are a few which are equipped just enough for some plain Joe's.  Either way, a penny is still needed.  May it be pricey or cheaper the point here is we will still need money to maintain.  However, not all health-conscious people can afford to enroll on this service.  So thinking out of the box may help.
Create your own gym penniless.   

Plastic Bottle and Water.  Fill up an empty plastic bottle with water on the desired amount of weight your body needs.  These are great dumbbell replacements that can be used for toning arms and shoulders.  

Used Ropes.  There are some packages that are wrapped with ribbons or ropes.  You can collect these used bands and re-use it as jumping ropes.  Tie on its end until you produce the amount of length you desire.  This can be used as a jumping tool.  Jumping boosts immunity and strengthens endurance.

Stair Steps.  Be creative enough to use your staircase in lieu of a costly treadmill.  Walk the steps, make sure to take only the lower steps otherwise this is going to be quite a dangerous substitute.  Stomp your feet alternately.  This can help tone your legs and at the same time increases your stamina.  Also this provides an excellent cardiovascular workout.  

Rugs.  Place the rug on a not-so-slippery floor.  Fold it on the thickness of the width you desire.  Try if it is safe enough to move.  Get in on it.  Lay your feet on the rug as you stand straight.  This should serve as a waist exerciser.  Do twisting of your body to and fro.  This will trim down your waist lines. 

Chairs.  The bench is a good equipment to help firming your butts.  Enjoy some stretching exercises on it.  Pick the most durable stool because you are going to put weights on it as you stretched.  Also this can be replaced with an exercise ball.  A little bending on it can do wonders for your shape. 

Junk Steel Rod.   Experience a thrifty yet effective weightlifting session through the use of these chunky rods.  From the backyard or stock room, recycle these stocked shafts for a good cause.  Lift it as if it is a barbell that helps you burn fats and tightens muscles.  Make sure to clean it first otherwise it will only be unsafe to use due to its rust and dirt. 

Furnishing a gym is never this affordable.  Try it yourself now.


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