Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Secret Beauty Tips

Sporting a sun kissed glow is cool this summer! But basking under the sun is a toiling task for the sheath.
Know some ways on how to enjoy the rays properly!

Bathe and exfoliate. A thoroughly clean skin makes tanning less susceptible to painful sunburn. Wash off the dirt by using a loofah or any exfoliating gloves around the body. It rubs off the harmful elements caused by pollution. Cleansing is best done with the use of bath soap, and when you want for an alternative way, salt or oatmeal can be used as well. Its grainy substance effectively exfoliates the skin. Start at the soles of your feet, way up to your fragile nape. Make sure to give a gentle massage because our skin is delicately sensitive. It can easily be bruised when exposed to over scrubbing.

Moisturize. Before and after sunbathing, make it a habit to do some caressing. It reduces dryness caused by heat exposure. Generally, moisturizers serve as a vitamin for our skin. It rehydrates the epidermis and repair damaged skin cells. Remember, a good moisturizer does not irritate or burn the skin cover. It should soften and glow the layer of our body instead. To include, moisturizer should not always smell fragrant. Sometimes the ones which have no scent are even healthier to use. Because this is clearly free of any chemicals that are prone to harm the skin. For ultra sensitive skin, this is the kind of moisturizer to be recommended for you especially when you will be out under the sun.

Protect. A lip balm keeps the puckers pristine hot. This waxy substance is known to provide protection for our lips. It contains vitamins that shield the chops from the harmful rays of the sun. This tasteful makeup is a trend in the market. It varies in flavor and content. Most ladies want to have their gloss works like a lipstick. Owning these pots of different colors and various additives is a good investment for a fabulous sexy pout. Sun block should also be part of the kit. It filters sun’s ultraviolet radiation that kills our sensitive skin. It tightens the cell and keeping it shielded from these harmful beams.

Deodorize. Exposing to heat brings a lot of sweat into our body. It is because our body naturally regulates temperature when exposed to hot region. But to be able to lessen the effect of these sweaty glands, people seek the help from deodorizers. Our armpit is the most common area that is susceptible to heavy perspiration. Although scientist discovered that on our sweating, the body releases antibiotics which kill germs from our skin, some of us still consider this a not-so-good thing. The major cause of this fear is the possible bad smell it will produce. So, before things get too late prepare yourself with this magic tool for the sweat. A roll or two will definitely protect you from embarrassment.

Remember, the above tips are always effective when done in moderate.


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