Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snack Smart

As they say, life is too short.   You should make the most out of it.  These are the common sayings we often hear about.  But are we able to live exactly with these widespread statements?  Not that much for the diet-conscious folks. 
People who regularly shed pounds are those who often suffer from life deprivation—admit it or not.  Take for example:  dress fittings – quite unease—their clothes have only one particular design cut most often.  But thank goodness, for it would never be an issue as it was anymore.  Nowadays, there are lots of entrepreneurs who are venturing big clothes businesses.  Big – as in –large outfits that is customized for large builts.  And mealtimes – a major concern – their chews have to be measured carefully.  They are not allowed to eat just about anything.   Sadly, this aspect of their lives is not as amendable as the first mentioned.   

Extra attention on every food intake is required for those weighty persons (well, actually even to the lean ones, but who are aging).  There is no alternative way when it comes to satisfying food cravings.  However, by simply becoming a snack smart, you can be able to fulfill their appetite without putting their health condition at stake and of course without ruining their next meal .

These tasty bites can be eaten to and fro, but always consider, everything that is too much is bad.  You can nibble away on your favorite grubs without being hunted by your guilt but still take into the account the virtue of being in control. 
Just a little trick will get you going.  When yearning for, one of the best household meals in town, pizza try to cut off cheese and outpour more red sauce.  For its toppings, instead of settling on pepperoni, mozzarella and more bacon, why not replace it with mushroom, ham, parmesan and a lot of veggy tops.  The taste is still the same but the calorie content lessens. 

When craving for a cold fix, what would come first in mind?  Of course, ice cream.  This creamy frozen sweet treat can soothe stress, but if taken too much it can actually aggravate stress even more.  But we do not want to just expel it from our meal.  Thus, yoghurt has to proxy.  It would not just reduce calorie intake but it would be even favorable for our health. 
When longing for some chocolate pleasure, do not feel guilty at all.  This cocoa-based dessert is not always that hazardous to our physical wellness.  Don’t you know that by eating a square of it can help boost your Immune System?  It has antioxidant factor that flashes away bad germs from our body.  But take note, when eating beyond its RDA requirement, the beneficial feature will definitely would not work out.  Therefore, substitute the milky ones with darker bites.  The darker it is the better.

Who said you cannot eat those foods that seem to have only bad effect in our body? Well, you might be wrong.  Depriving yourselves from these tempting bites is far more ruthless than what you think.  


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