Friday, June 11, 2010

10 Ways to Look 10 Pounds Slimmer

Are a few excess pounds and inches taking making you feel self-conscious about your figure? If your diet and exercise plan aren’t helping you lose those stubborn pounds, there are some ways to dress slimmer and look up to ten pounds slimmer!
The right shapewear, style of clothing, and even the color of your ensemble can make you look thinner and make you feel more confident.  Here are just ten ways to look ten pounds slimmer this season:
1. Try an all-black ensemble. Black is a slimming color because it detracts attention away from any excess weight you’re carrying. A black dress, black top with black capris, or even a black suit are very figure flattering and can help you look up to ten pounds lighter!
 2. Wear a full body shaper. Full body shapers are designed to help you achieve a perfect silhouette and can help to nip and tuck in those problem spots – without surgery or pain! These shapewear garments will take off a few inches from your thighs, hips, buttocks and waist, and will help you create a flawless look under tight-fitting dresses and special occasion ensembles. 
3. Accentuate the areas you like. If you’re worried about the size of your stomach or hips, draw attention to your neck and shoulders with a halter top or v-neck shirt. If you want to show off your slim hips, wear light-colored pants and skirts with a dark top.
4. Wear A-line dresses and skirts. A-line cuts are the most flattering styles for most figures, and will help create an hourglass look with ease. An A-line dress or skirt can also help your waist look smaller.
5. Avoid pleats and ruffles. Even though this season’s top fashion trends include clothing with pleats, ruffles and other embellishments, these can make you look much heavier and will add extra weight around parts of your body that you want to make slimmer. Stick with simple, streamlined cuts and styles for a more figure-flattering look.
6. Draw attention to your legs. Short skirts, dresses that are cut above the knee and shorts can make you look thinner than hiding in a long flowing dress or baggy pants. Wear these with the right pair of heels and you can take off several pounds in a flash!
7. Avoid tunic dresses and baggy pants. Tunic dresses, tent dresses, loose-fitting gowns, and baggy pants may be among the top trends for the season, but they won’t help you achieve a slimmer silhouette. Stick with fitted clothing that accentuates your best features and you’ll be able to hide those extra pounds much more easily.
8. Wear the right accessories. If you have a petite figure, avoid wearing oversized earrings, extra-long necklaces or carrying an oversized handbag. These will make you look heavier and make it difficult to achieve a balanced figure. If you’re heavier, try to “scale” your accessories to your size, so that everything is in balance.
9. Avoid too many prints. Prints can make you look heavier and may not bring out your best features. Stick with neutral colors and solids whenever possible to show off your figure with a sophisticated, chic and simple look.
10. Choose lightweight fabrics that don’t cling. Stick with fabrics that will create a smooth silhouette rather than clinging to the body parts you want to draw attention away from. Avoid cuts and styles that are hugging every bump and bulge, and stick with styles that will balance out your figure instead.


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