Monday, June 14, 2010

Best Workout Plans for This Summer

Ready to get some sun and sand this summer? Don’t miss out on trips to the beach, pool parties and other events because you’re feeling out of shape! You can get yourself into beach-body shape fast with the right workout plan, and scheduling your workouts into your week will help you stay consistent and reach your fitness goals. One of the important things to remember when starting a new exercise regimen is that you need to choose workouts that you actually enjoy.
Whether you’re a fan of running, biking or like to hit the gym for some weight lifting, here are some ideas for workout plans this summer:
Cardio Circuit
If you’re tired of your usual treadmill routine, try alternating between a treadmill, elliptical machine and bike at the gym so that you can rev up your metabolism again. When you’re doing the same workout day in, day out, and your body will probably adapt and you won’t get all the benefits. Change things up so that you can maximize that calorie burn!

Kickboxing sessions can be a refreshing change from your usual aerobics class or the treadmill at the gym. This high-energy workout will burn hundreds of calories per hour and also help you tighten and tone those muscles. Try a kickboxing class one to three times per week and you’ll start seeing some great results within a month.

Running at the Beach
Did you know that you will probably burn more calories running on sand than you would on a treadmill? That’s because you will engage several muscle groups when trying to keep your balance on the uneven sand. Try jogging or running at the beach to keep up with your cardio when you’re on vacation, or hit the beach for a change of scenery.

Zumba is the hottest new fitness class and designed to help you dance off hundreds of calories per hour. This is another high-energy workout that will help you strengthen and tone your muscles, and also burn lots of extra calories. It’s a combination cardio and strength training routine, and can be a fun change from your usual workout regimen.

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of outdoor swimming pools and swimming in the ocean. Swimming is a great aerobic conditioning routine, and can help you lose weight and get in shape fast. Try swimming laps for about an hour each week to make the most of your workout in the water.


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