Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Eating Habits

Having manners at the table is not just good in making a good impression. But don’t you know that it is good for whittling waist too!  Effortlessly carve your shape through these tips that are very easy to follow.  

Take your time.  As you are eating your meal, it is good to slowly chew every bit of the chow so that the food you are taking in can burn easily.  Also, if you are feasting at a snail’s pace, you have the tendency to eat less, which means fewer calories are to be taken.  This can give you the chance to savor your every meal too!  It is obviously hard to enjoy every bite when you gobble up. Also, eating leisurely can benefit you with a good digestion as well!  Added to that, this eliminates stress.  Taking pleasure in every meal is a form of mind exercising.  Try to put down your utensils on each bite.  This controls you from digging up on the banquet too fast.  But make sure to do the gestures with grace.  Place the tines of the fork and the blade of the knife on your plate properly.

Butter Better.  We are crazy with taking bread and butter every morning.  Yes, these favorite meals are the energy boosters for almost everyone.  Though, this delicious lard can make every food tastes so good and enslaving, this can bring harm to your health if excessively taken. There is a technique to avoid gorging on it.  Instead of directly spreading butter on to your bread, you can use a butter knife to slice a section of the serving dish and place it on the plate.  Through this, you can better control of the amount of this fat-laden-butter you take in. Also you can be saved from the frightening oils this gives.

Pass it on.  Learn to share your dish.  Becoming greedy on the table will only put you at the verge of unhealthiness.  If you see the gravy boat served in front of you, a little table spoon or small cup is enough for a condiment.  Sometimes too much of the appetite do not just harm your fitness but also leaves you a very ugly impression.  So, learn to pass the meal on the person right next to you.  This is not just a plain courteous manner but also keeps the high calorie items out of your reach.  

Be keen to clean.  After enjoying your delicious meal, it is always nice to lend a hand in cleaning up the finished dishes.  Fixing the messy table wares can be good to your friendship and your figures too!  Cleaning up things like sweeping the floor, clearing out the table, washing the dishes are simple ways to help burn calories.  Make sure that after you eat, avoid slouching in the couch for so long or worse, sleeping right away because this can only impede the proper digesting of our body.  Also, this bad habit can lower the rate our body metabolism. Thus, more fats are kept in our in our flabs instead. 


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