Monday, June 21, 2010

Four Vital Summer Essentials

This summer, everyone is so excited to go outdoors—at the beach, in the pool, on the hillside, and just about anywhere that has sunlight to play under.  But embracing the sun requires some summer essentials to keep up with its hotness.  So it is best advised to know some of the basic items we need to have while we are about to saunter under the rays.   Here are the four vital summer essentials to carry with while we enjoy under the tropical heat:
Hat – Protect from overexposure.  We all know that Vitamin D is the best thing we can get this summer.  This happens when the ultra violet rays coming from the sunlight strike our skin, then the vitamin D synthesis will be able to trigger and activate in our body.  Thus, a supplement is produced endogenously for our daily nutrient consumption.  But when overly exposed with its components, this biologically inert source of nourishment will only generate otherwise.  So before it is too late, it is advised to shield our skin early on when we know that the rays can give off pain instead. Cover your heads for a possible sunbeam hit. 

Facial Spray—Give your skin a boost of moisture and help you stay refreshed all day long.  As we assail in the midst of burning sunrays, it is best recommended to habitually spritz on some cool water on our face.  Aside from dehydrating our body, hot weather can spark off ageing which leads to some scary wrinkles.  Not that, it can also risk us from the fatal skin cancer in the form of melanoma.  So when you cannot stay away completely from the sun, make sure to always have this with you for some cooling fix.

Cotton top—Wicks perspiration away instantly, to keep you cool and comfortable all day.  It is natural that as we go out and about under the heat of the sun, heavy sweating occurs fully in our body.  It is because our bod gets rid of the accumulated excess heat mounted up from the high-temperature environment.  Though, the doctors say that this body fluid emission is a healthy body activity (it releases out body toxins and gives off energy) it is still needed to be particular with it.  Body’s perspiring, if left unattended may lead to discomfort and sometimes sickness like cough and colds.  So regularly change your worn out tank top with a new one to keep you on the go. 

Sunscreen— for some, tan lines are beautiful but little did we know these are only a proof that our skin has been damaged.  After a long exposure under the flare; sunburnt or tan is produced in our body.  This is the inflammation of our skin caused from the ultra violet radiation.  It is aesthetically attractive but apparently painful.  That is why it is advisable to wear some sunscreen 30 minutes before the sun exposure to be able to shield us from the striking beams and prevent us from the ouches it may bring.


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