Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to Look Gorgeous on Your Vacation

 Are you planning a vacation this summer? Get your body, skin and face in great shape for the trip with a few simple shape-up strategies! It’s easy to achieve a flawless figure when you watch your diet, stick with a consistent exercise routine, and wear shapewear garments under your clothes to achieve a slimmer, sexy figure. Here are some tips for looking gorgeous on your upcoming summer vacation:

 1. Freshen up your skin with a spa facial. Head to your nearest day spa for a facial that will unblock clogged pores and freshen up your skin in a flash. A professional facial could be just what you need to achieve a healthy glow this season.

 2. Use a self-tanner. Don’t let the sun or tanning booths damage your skin this season. Use a self-tanning lotion on a regular basis to get that bronze glow you crave. Self-tanners will help you achieve that sun-kissed look without putting you at risk for sun damage or skin cancer.

3. Wear shapewear garments under your summer dresses and special occasion ensembles. Shapewear made with firm, medium or dual control panels will instantly slim your waistline, elongate your figure and help you achieve that perfect hourglass shape! You can wear these garments under your favorite summer dress or special occasion outfit to create a picture-perfect look this season.

4. Stick with a well-balanced diet. Don’t sabotage your diet when you’re heading out on a cruise, a weekend getaway or a road trip this season! Plan ahead so that you’re eating three well-balanced meals each day, and snacking on healthy items whenever possible. A well-balanced diet will not only ward off excess pounds while you’re on vacation, but will also give you the energy you need to make the most of those long days of summer.

5. Keep up with a consistent exercise regimen. You don’t have to push yourself too hard when you’re on vacation, but when you’re planning an extended stay at a hotel or resort, take advantage of the venue’s fitness center. A workout every other day of your vacation could be just what you need to look great, feel great and stay in shape!


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