Monday, June 28, 2010

Lemon: A Powerful Fruit

Ever since, lemon is considered as one of the most staple fruits in the market.  In the reason that, it is not just a wonderful kitchen item (a great piece for our culinary masterpieces) but also, it is something that is ultra-fabulous for our wares as well.  And not to mention, an excellent produce for our health too!   Well it is unarguable that from this tiny thing, you can get almost anything you need without-a-do.

This versatile fruit (a hybrid between sour orange and citron) is reported to have been originated in the land of Asia, but had its first cultivation in the vast place of Europe in fifteenth century.  Then later on, it began to bear more in the continent of America.  Though it has been introduced late in every Caucasian household, this healthy crop is surprisingly noted as one of the most in-demand buys in all corners of the US markets than those of other locations (including Asia and Europe). 

Have you ever wondered why does this sunny-yellow fruit remain to be an American favorite?  The list below can prove why:

Improve flavor.  Considering as one of the most favorite culinary pieces, of course this specification should topnotch in the list!  If you want to have your food to taste succulenty tempting, well the right armor is found on your vegetable corner.  Have this vitamin C -enriched fruit sliced into two to easily extract out the fragrant juice it endowed.  Green tea when mixed with a few drops of lemon will lessen its bitterness, added to that can help increase your body’s absorption of the antioxidant (derived from the tea) too.  In the same way to some other recipes, when poured with these yummy drops the food will turn out to be magically tasty.

Get fresh and clean.  It is not just beneficial on our body system but it is likely to be nourishing on our armpits and feet too!  Yes, these sensitive corners of our body can get aid from these sunny limes as well.  When mixed with baking soda, the sweaty feet and armpits can be cured safely.  Its powerful extracts can easily kill the bacteria produced by sweaty glands.

Soothe sunburn.  Who said that a bottle of lotion alone can heal the sunburns? Well, you might be coming up a conclusion too fast.  Experts say that this sunny-yellow fruit is safe to use in soothing aching tan lines.  Mix the raw lemon juice with cool water and gently apply on your skin.  A great skin relief will come very quick.

De-stain your laundry.  Very clearly as it is stated.  This fabulous fruit can do wonders on your sheets too!  Stubborn stains can be rid of through the powerful help of those drops.  Squeeze a lemon juice on the ink blemish, let it sit overnight.  Then proceed to laundering as usual on the following day.  Repeat it until the tarnish fades away. 

Clean your spot.  Lemon is another chemical substance that can help clean dirty areas of your home.  This naturally eliminates bacteria and purely leaves a good smelling aroma in your place. 


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