Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pinhead in the Crowd

Standing out in crowded places is not easy. Parties, concerts, or lining up for movie premier nights are just one of those distressing times, you would have to look after your foot being stepped on or watch out for lurking pickpocket assassins on a leash. Before you could constantly complain about enduring the havocs of human obsession, there’s always someone right next to you who has better issues to be bothered about, it’s the pinhead of the crowd. Pinhead would either be ignored in a full pack of people minding their own special business or awkwardly noticeable when by themselves. It’s not just their tiny silhouette but sad to say the reality of their size. As always been, fashion logic had made it more easy to overcome, giving hopes to women who had turn to more complicated options in the past.

The plainness of fashion bottoms down to impression. The color congruency, linings and prints radiate influencing the physical impact. The way to looking taller as always, is initially an outcome of one’s posture. It’s as easy as keeping your head straight, shoulders and back upright, balancing your weight being put on your feet. This would result to putting you more likely in a forward leaning position. As far as clothes, you can pick a color that’s monochromatic or those that’s singly colored, preferably in black. Prints can also add to the length illusion such as vertical line seaming or stripes. Leg wear works too provided that the garment tone is coherent with the shoe color. However, the shape of the legs would still matter which is why a specific shapewear that extends to right down the knee is recommended. Vedette recognizes this need, giving way to creating a body suit called Shopie. This undergarment in Capri form with its lite control compression, configure women’s body to a frame that’s absolutely flawless in silhouette. All body parts of concern to most women are crafted into a model figure by smoothening excess fat lumps in areas such abdomen, waist and back. One of the things that mainly contribute to a height illusion is a woman’s leg profile. You’d notice that those professional models that ramp have thin and shapely looking legs, emphasizing a lengthy dimension. You can also achieve this with body shaper Sophie, structured to contour your legs to a skinny form, making you look taller. This undergarment also shapes your hips to a divine curve, for a lush overall effect. Available in nude and black sizes, this body shaper is perfect for wearing skinny jeans and tight dresses, showing off that mesmerizing figure.

The pinhead doesn’t have to re-enact David’s act on Goliath to win the crowd. You are your own Goliath here and the way to overcoming what you consider a weakness is to unveil you fashion kit sense. And your sense says Sophie, who speaks tall of who you are.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wanted Perfect Mom!

My ideals of a Mom Character stood through time. It is those baked brown goodies served for me and my friends who would stay over mostly for playtime and mainly her cooking. It is the warmth of my bed and that thermometer stuck in my mouth, as she looked after whether I’m taking it out. Or that cuddly, big momma putting me to sleep on her lap while she was reading a Cinderella book, requested more than a dozen times. I feel guilty though that given those I would want to be when I become at her place, I exempted one aspect--that is to feel and look different about myself. Even so, I remember her saying I should be who I am and own without conforming to others. So I chased after what I want and bought the first body shaper a few weeks after I became in her place.

The first that got my attention among hundreds of body suit brands online was Vedette’s Post Surgery shaper Yvonne. Perfect for reviving the figure I once had before the pregnancy, I have areas I specifically need to curve back without the unpleasant bulges brought about by giving birth. The belly seems to be the most difficult to flatten given that the C section had notably sculpted an undesirable displaced fats on the abdomen area. Aside from the involution of uterus that comes along the process after giving birth, the muscles on the abdomen were unevenly stretched too, giving it a pooch-bag appearance. With Yvonne, I don’t have to worry about hiding it since the compression texture with ease and comfort, smoothens that part. Then the breast comes into concern. With activated mammary glands purportedly for breastfeeding, I was having problems with keeping it at its great shape. Vedette knew how to relieve those problems with Yvonne working on those body parts expected to be of concern on a post giving birth stage. The alluring stature was all performed in right corners, contouring a striking pose on the waist, back, abdomen, while holding the breast that badly needs support.

So my ideals of the mom character stood through time. It’s me caring in my individual way, with my mom standing behind my back to make minor revisions.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

That Woman Named Tatienne

There’s something about Tatienne that makes her the talk of everyone. She’s a picture of Victorian beauty, proud in her clairvoyance that transcends through the crowd. Men adore her enchanting ways, with figure strikingly vivid in great corners. Women love her unfathomed beauty, shown with grace and class. What made her a marvel to everyone’s curiosity is that she comes around in perfection close within your reach. She is goddess yet to be discovered in you. With Vedette being an accomplice, the transformation could come to real life with Tatienne’s help. Now that the name had rang your eager ears a number of times, question leads us to who she is.

Tatienne prides in the grandeur of Valencian lace makeup of its undergarment. Its cottony base heads us back to the early 1600’s when French Valencian lace was women’s gold market. When industrial machineries came in the picture expanding its production, its cost significantly went down. Eventually, the garment penetrated the US market and adapted its creation. Vedette illuminated this form of delight to our current times through Tatienne. This undergarment is detailed with hevea composition making it a great compression accessory, cutting down on your waist length and flattering your tummy with a toned appearance. The compression material also extends to the back which shapes behind part into a total hourglass form. The corset closure is accentuated with a touch of refined lacy trims, continuous with the lingerie, giving you a sensual look in and out. With its classic colors nude and black, the fit would compliment any clothing, whether satin textured dresses or top styled in strap or tube. Tatienne offers a reinvention of oneself, a tribute to all women who makes up this society. For that reason, this undergarment was made accessible to women of all sizes.

Tatienne is going to be another embellishment in one’s closet, just like any of those wardrobes you wear on a daily basis. Inspired by women and once fitted by a woman, it comes to life, personifying a queen alluring in its presence, except that, the royal recognition belongs to a regular woman like you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Undisclosed Tales of I-Want Women

Women “wants” are simple, contrary to what everyone assumes. They are specifically guided by the standards elaborated in details. Often complained about, they assert women don’t say what they mean. Let’s say if eager to be asked for marriage, perhaps she’d say, “Aren’t you tired of living this way?” when nothing seems wrong, instead of saying “Let’s get married”. But no matter how we recreate behavioral patterns, we’re often betrayed by innate emotions. The reality is, there’s really no puzzle to solve because no matter how a woman acts, her wants are as basic as ABC’s. She likes being cared for, or listened at. She wants bags, shoes, dresses or anything that makes her a queen. She loves to be wanted by her man. She wants a body shaper that understands her natural form and molds it to the finest curve she would call herself. If you heard it right, then she definitely wants Vedette.

The world of Vedette is limitless with varied forms of shapewear designed to provide what women needs. For Vedette, a woman’s body is a potential for the making. It blossoms through time and should be nurtured or conserved, to retain its exquisite characters. Because it recognizes that nature, Vedette’s shapewear emphasize frame in areas such as breast, abdomen, waist, buttocks and back. All of these body points are contoured by special undergarments namely Ariane, Angele and Veronique. Ariane model your form into a perfect silhouette by freeing your abdomen and back from undesirable bulges, while slimming down your waist and holding up your breast into a fuller form. Its compression garment extends to buttocks and thighs, giving it a flawless shape. Angele and Veronique conform your body to a striking stature by reducing waist size; evening out unattractive flab prominent usually at the back and abdomen, and keeping your bust to firmer and luscious sculpt. Available in thong, this body shaper allows you to perfectly fit in satin textured clothing like dresses. A special feature of Veronique, on the other hand, is its seductive polka-dot print, arranged vertically in V shape for a sensual, slimmer look. Glamour in style and designs, these shapewear defines sophistication in women, giving them a timeless beauty they deserve.

So if you are to question women’s wants again, it is everything that makes her a woman. What makes a woman is unquestionably answered by the figure and character softening world’s rough nature. That alone gives her an undeniable right to claim her wanting, one of which Vedette has offered as a gift.

The “One” that Sets Her on Fire

Every day we see walking garments, named without a face. We are enchanted by their multi colors and fascinating cuts, none of which though ring a bell if we try to remember. To onlookers, they are nothing but garments. Then one woman walked in, giving meaning to that color, and shape to the cut. The onlookers turned to her face to give it a name. She had learned to use all the intricate details of the wardrobe to give more meaning to a woman. Her secret? Like superheroes dressed in alter ego, that woman was shaped by Vedette's body shaper, woman’s secret to contouring a figure that talks.

Vedette being a leader in manufacturing quality shapewear, understands the essence of beauty being innate and how it is brought out in a woman. To Vedette, a silhouette is not just another two dimensional corners and lines but rather a mirror to a woman with vibrant life, unique in her own beauty. It recognizes natural form which could configure into a defined, captivating figure without worrying on possible risks. Its body shaper undergarment line introduced a new context to women’s shape, focusing on the complex needs of women of different sizes and built. Waist cincher, one of Vedette’s pride in shaping women, comes in different colors and type such as Jacqui, Felice, Gigi, Renee, Valerie, Helaine, Camille,
Megane and Juliane. The variety gives you choices in terms of color, the continuing lingerie and closure type (most of which are hook and eye). This under bust compression garment flattens the uneven abdomen part caused by excess fats, giving you a desirable frontal stature. The garment’s compression texture also reduces waist size framing an hourglass form for your body. While keeping you in prowess form, this undergarment practically suits and compliments any clothes you could wear on top. Another significant advantage of this body shaper is that it helps in maintaining your posture by supporting your back, lessening the amount of strain due to weight, while keeping it in a straight position. What Vedette aims to do here for women is to help her exude beauty within by showing off her enticing figure, with a character that stands out as she walks through the crowd.

The challenge laid on women now is for them to discover what sets them individually dazzling, emphasizing on coming through their real nature. For Vedette, the way to doing that is firing the exquisite woman in you with its Waist cincher body shaper.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair Bash! Oh, And Clean That Trash

I love 70’s shows and movies and while watching that never-got-tired old “Charlie’s Angels”, my sister came home one time with a new haircut. I couldn’t help but remarked her with “Sis! Since when did you learn to travel back in time?” Her hair was all blown dried, heavier than a pumpkin size, and teased on top to style it. Though I’ve seen few people stuck in the world of 70’s fashion, some are lucky to be complimented by its iconic styles. The key to really knowing what looks great on you is defining your facial proportion and shape.

The uniqueness of the cut is really not significant, unless it’s completely out-of-this-world pattern, styled by a foe you’re unaware of. The question should start from whether it brings out your facial asset and gears the attention away from your too strong undesirable features. Listed here are common facial shapes and recommended haircut respectively.
  • Oval Face- This face is shaped geometrically proportional such that, the forehead and jaw sizes are balanced. Any type of hairstyle would look good on this face. For that, note to consider a style that would show off this shape more. It’s advisable to avoid cut that has too much volume on bangs or one that covers much part of the face. 
  • Round Face- Face of this shape is wide, making it circular in appearance. Hairstyle of this shape should have more body on the crown area, with length either short or longer than the chin reach. If you want to put some length on the side of the ears, then style sheer fringes to avoid emphasizing a wide facial shape.
  • Square Face- Facial shape of this type has a prominent square jaw form and usually has the same shape as that of the hairline. Work on lightening the face with short length to medium, permed or waved in style.
  • Heart-Shaped Face- Proportion on this shape puts more spatial on the cheekbones and forehead, while narrow on the chin line. Short and chin hair length work well on this facial type but you have to look after a cut that balances the crown and chin line area.
  • Triangular Face- Styling for this shape should reduce the dominant features such as wide chin line and narrow forehead. Hair styling for this shape should work on putting more volume on the jaw line and right around the area of cheek line.
Now that you’ve break freed from your ancient hair do’s, finish it by trashing away those old clothes in your closet. Pick a really nice dress to flaunt like Jones New York, matched with Vedette's waist cincher undergarment, and finally walk in glam with Margot’s studded white frye shoes. Now you’re ready to bash, with an eye-catching flash!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finding Fairy Godwear!

Millions of women have probably wished for a fairy godmother the way Cinderella had found one when she wanted to go to this grand ball. My problems though simpler, have solutions lightyears away to be showing right off my palm. One of my fairytale stories started when I was invited to a friend’s wedding. I decided to put on an A Line chiffon knee-length white dress, paired it with Benjamin Adam’s Bisset shoes, and accessorized by white purse of rhinestone ornament handle and diamond earrings. Everything was perfect except when I have to try it on. I was all great for an Eat-all-you-can theme party with my pear-shaped costume! I could imagine myself eating away in an almost far-gone table while all the bachelors and bachelorettes mingled with anticipation.

Lesson of the story is not about the non existent fairy godmother but the discovery of a must-have kit woman should have when an occasion calls. Women are resourceful by nature which leads to the creation of different tools such as make up, knitting set, hair accessories, etc. Brought about by the increasing demand, shapewear had become famous to take away all the inconvenience of fitting in any clothes you want, without worries on flab folds showing. Body shaper comes in different types depending on your specific body needs and whatever suits your wardrobe. For dresses with cut showing off shoulders such as those with low neckline, tube type or strapped ones, corset works best, smoothening those tummy fats and slimming down your waist to give you an hourglass figure. For casual wears such as tight jeans or slacks, there’s a body suit type that not only works on your tummy flab, but also shapes your thighs and legs for a hotter look. The same type helps you in contouring stubborn fats on arms and back. Now if you decide to go to a party on a tight dress, there’s a body shaper which is either padded or has push up band on lingerie part to give your buttocks a rounder, luscious look. Women would be pleased to know too the ease at which you can have one. Variety of body shaper and undergarment are just online away, some companies of which offer free deliveries. Famous brands worth checking are Dr. Rey’s lingerie available in one or two piece, Antoinette’s or Victoria’s Secret corsets and Vedette’s different body shaper type.

Shapewear will somehow in essence be just another knick knack created to make women’s life easier and delightful. Unlike Cinderella’s shoes, it’s a “reality” undergarment line, manufactured in natural component as hevea latex. What makes it magical though, is the wonder it does on life called “women”.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vedette on Redefining Shape for Women

Vedette, in search to meeting women’s universal needs for defining sophistication, illustrated an expert solution through the creation of shapewear. The texture of Vedette’s undergarment line holds up and evens out the excess fat in common body areas making wardrobe fitting a greater experience.

There are several common problem areas that most women complain about, making some clothes unmanageable to wear, and awkwardly looking. With respect to every corner of women’s body that needs to be shapely conformed, a specific shapewear is fashioned to frame these areas. Listed here are specific body shaper types and its corresponding functions in enhancing women’s curves.

  • Waist Cincher is made of strong compression material such as hevea latex, which shapes belly and waist to an hourglass figure by pushing in the bulge, creating an alluring curve.
  • Full Body Shaper is woven to perfect a flattering contour, evening out common flab areas such as abdomen, waist, back, buttocks, hips and thighs. It comes in different thigh length and colors to suit varied outwear. This is a great choice for women to enjoy a flawless body figure.
  •  Body Suit satisfies your palate for an enticing shape. With the undergarment’s compression capability, this crafts your body to superb features, focusing in areas such as abdomen, waist and back. Vedette’s body suit comes in thongs and bikini for a seamless finish when wearing dress or Capri. You can also choose from body suit with bra or underbra type, and those with stylish lacy accent underneath. 
  • Derriere Enhancer is textured with push up band that lifts your buttocks for a luscious fuller look. It comes in different styles uncovering women’s different body needs. Varied choices are in the form of regular panty-type, mid-thigh or below knee-length lingerie, and body suit. 
  • Vedette Shapewear captures a captivating pose for your figure with its body shaper continuous with brassiere. Available in body suit, this body shaper accentuates bust areas for lush full appeal while framing body parts such as abdomen, waist and thighs.  
  • Vedette understands women and the complexity of their needs. Hence, this gives way to a body shaper specific for women undergoing post surgery or post pregnancy stage. The undergarment is designed in elastic fabric, aimed at smoothening flab parts and firming areas with loose skin. It’s a great body toning solution for women wanting to get their figure back.

To get a better view of Vedette’s diverse shapewear style, you can visit featured body shaper at

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Being Ahead In Line for Online Dating

Online Dating had become famous at the dawn of Virtual Technology. It is the convenience that settles us to something a little impersonal but closer than the conventional letters mailed. The remarkable thing about the whole new concept of dating is that you’re able to explore the possibilities of finding connection a thousand miles away. Without the cost and higher risks of finding a new acquaintance, knowing someone of interest had become feasible.

A friend emailed me one time of her experience. Letter says she and this guy she found online were doing great. They tell each other on a daily basis how every day went, and talks about common interest they share. He asked her one time of how she physically looks like, and then came down to knowing her body size. The next day, he just disappeared on her. Although it may seem blatant to put the blame on the wrong expectations an individual personally set on someone, we simply cannot ignore the fact that it’s a common preference. Attraction, if not always, is most of the time the first basis for a successful dating. Then comes the intimate connection.

The reality of dating leads us to finding the beauty in us. Begin with knowing yourself, affirming personal worth, and working it to set you apart from among millions of desirable women. These definitely reserve a place for you with someone. Figuring it out though is not a walk in the park. An innate confidence transcends from what you’ve accomplished. Start by finding ways to feel good. Pursue a career of interest or anything that recognizes your value. Next is to engage in physical exercises. It is important to note that physical being also influences mental state. Then buy something that pleases you. In my case, whether stressed out or feel the need to reward myself, I’d satisfy my wanting with Ann Taylor’s boot Cap, JC Penny’s Capri or Vedette's body suit.

Dating is just another process of finding a perfect fit. Though online dating presupposes a completely different setting and anticipation, the rule still directs us back to the basic. Since no perfect pairing really exists, we have to scratch few corners and make little adjustments to find the other being waiting to be found.

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