Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finding Fairy Godwear!

Millions of women have probably wished for a fairy godmother the way Cinderella had found one when she wanted to go to this grand ball. My problems though simpler, have solutions lightyears away to be showing right off my palm. One of my fairytale stories started when I was invited to a friend’s wedding. I decided to put on an A Line chiffon knee-length white dress, paired it with Benjamin Adam’s Bisset shoes, and accessorized by white purse of rhinestone ornament handle and diamond earrings. Everything was perfect except when I have to try it on. I was all great for an Eat-all-you-can theme party with my pear-shaped costume! I could imagine myself eating away in an almost far-gone table while all the bachelors and bachelorettes mingled with anticipation.

Lesson of the story is not about the non existent fairy godmother but the discovery of a must-have kit woman should have when an occasion calls. Women are resourceful by nature which leads to the creation of different tools such as make up, knitting set, hair accessories, etc. Brought about by the increasing demand, shapewear had become famous to take away all the inconvenience of fitting in any clothes you want, without worries on flab folds showing. Body shaper comes in different types depending on your specific body needs and whatever suits your wardrobe. For dresses with cut showing off shoulders such as those with low neckline, tube type or strapped ones, corset works best, smoothening those tummy fats and slimming down your waist to give you an hourglass figure. For casual wears such as tight jeans or slacks, there’s a body suit type that not only works on your tummy flab, but also shapes your thighs and legs for a hotter look. The same type helps you in contouring stubborn fats on arms and back. Now if you decide to go to a party on a tight dress, there’s a body shaper which is either padded or has push up band on lingerie part to give your buttocks a rounder, luscious look. Women would be pleased to know too the ease at which you can have one. Variety of body shaper and undergarment are just online away, some companies of which offer free deliveries. Famous brands worth checking are Dr. Rey’s lingerie available in one or two piece, Antoinette’s or Victoria’s Secret corsets and Vedette’s different body shaper type.

Shapewear will somehow in essence be just another knick knack created to make women’s life easier and delightful. Unlike Cinderella’s shoes, it’s a “reality” undergarment line, manufactured in natural component as hevea latex. What makes it magical though, is the wonder it does on life called “women”.


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