Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The “One” that Sets Her on Fire

Every day we see walking garments, named without a face. We are enchanted by their multi colors and fascinating cuts, none of which though ring a bell if we try to remember. To onlookers, they are nothing but garments. Then one woman walked in, giving meaning to that color, and shape to the cut. The onlookers turned to her face to give it a name. She had learned to use all the intricate details of the wardrobe to give more meaning to a woman. Her secret? Like superheroes dressed in alter ego, that woman was shaped by Vedette's body shaper, woman’s secret to contouring a figure that talks.

Vedette being a leader in manufacturing quality shapewear, understands the essence of beauty being innate and how it is brought out in a woman. To Vedette, a silhouette is not just another two dimensional corners and lines but rather a mirror to a woman with vibrant life, unique in her own beauty. It recognizes natural form which could configure into a defined, captivating figure without worrying on possible risks. Its body shaper undergarment line introduced a new context to women’s shape, focusing on the complex needs of women of different sizes and built. Waist cincher, one of Vedette’s pride in shaping women, comes in different colors and type such as Jacqui, Felice, Gigi, Renee, Valerie, Helaine, Camille,
Megane and Juliane. The variety gives you choices in terms of color, the continuing lingerie and closure type (most of which are hook and eye). This under bust compression garment flattens the uneven abdomen part caused by excess fats, giving you a desirable frontal stature. The garment’s compression texture also reduces waist size framing an hourglass form for your body. While keeping you in prowess form, this undergarment practically suits and compliments any clothes you could wear on top. Another significant advantage of this body shaper is that it helps in maintaining your posture by supporting your back, lessening the amount of strain due to weight, while keeping it in a straight position. What Vedette aims to do here for women is to help her exude beauty within by showing off her enticing figure, with a character that stands out as she walks through the crowd.

The challenge laid on women now is for them to discover what sets them individually dazzling, emphasizing on coming through their real nature. For Vedette, the way to doing that is firing the exquisite woman in you with its Waist cincher body shaper.


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