Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Undisclosed Tales of I-Want Women

Women “wants” are simple, contrary to what everyone assumes. They are specifically guided by the standards elaborated in details. Often complained about, they assert women don’t say what they mean. Let’s say if eager to be asked for marriage, perhaps she’d say, “Aren’t you tired of living this way?” when nothing seems wrong, instead of saying “Let’s get married”. But no matter how we recreate behavioral patterns, we’re often betrayed by innate emotions. The reality is, there’s really no puzzle to solve because no matter how a woman acts, her wants are as basic as ABC’s. She likes being cared for, or listened at. She wants bags, shoes, dresses or anything that makes her a queen. She loves to be wanted by her man. She wants a body shaper that understands her natural form and molds it to the finest curve she would call herself. If you heard it right, then she definitely wants Vedette.

The world of Vedette is limitless with varied forms of shapewear designed to provide what women needs. For Vedette, a woman’s body is a potential for the making. It blossoms through time and should be nurtured or conserved, to retain its exquisite characters. Because it recognizes that nature, Vedette’s shapewear emphasize frame in areas such as breast, abdomen, waist, buttocks and back. All of these body points are contoured by special undergarments namely Ariane, Angele and Veronique. Ariane model your form into a perfect silhouette by freeing your abdomen and back from undesirable bulges, while slimming down your waist and holding up your breast into a fuller form. Its compression garment extends to buttocks and thighs, giving it a flawless shape. Angele and Veronique conform your body to a striking stature by reducing waist size; evening out unattractive flab prominent usually at the back and abdomen, and keeping your bust to firmer and luscious sculpt. Available in thong, this body shaper allows you to perfectly fit in satin textured clothing like dresses. A special feature of Veronique, on the other hand, is its seductive polka-dot print, arranged vertically in V shape for a sensual, slimmer look. Glamour in style and designs, these shapewear defines sophistication in women, giving them a timeless beauty they deserve.

So if you are to question women’s wants again, it is everything that makes her a woman. What makes a woman is unquestionably answered by the figure and character softening world’s rough nature. That alone gives her an undeniable right to claim her wanting, one of which Vedette has offered as a gift.


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