Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wanted Perfect Mom!

My ideals of a Mom Character stood through time. It is those baked brown goodies served for me and my friends who would stay over mostly for playtime and mainly her cooking. It is the warmth of my bed and that thermometer stuck in my mouth, as she looked after whether I’m taking it out. Or that cuddly, big momma putting me to sleep on her lap while she was reading a Cinderella book, requested more than a dozen times. I feel guilty though that given those I would want to be when I become at her place, I exempted one aspect--that is to feel and look different about myself. Even so, I remember her saying I should be who I am and own without conforming to others. So I chased after what I want and bought the first body shaper a few weeks after I became in her place.

The first that got my attention among hundreds of body suit brands online was Vedette’s Post Surgery shaper Yvonne. Perfect for reviving the figure I once had before the pregnancy, I have areas I specifically need to curve back without the unpleasant bulges brought about by giving birth. The belly seems to be the most difficult to flatten given that the C section had notably sculpted an undesirable displaced fats on the abdomen area. Aside from the involution of uterus that comes along the process after giving birth, the muscles on the abdomen were unevenly stretched too, giving it a pooch-bag appearance. With Yvonne, I don’t have to worry about hiding it since the compression texture with ease and comfort, smoothens that part. Then the breast comes into concern. With activated mammary glands purportedly for breastfeeding, I was having problems with keeping it at its great shape. Vedette knew how to relieve those problems with Yvonne working on those body parts expected to be of concern on a post giving birth stage. The alluring stature was all performed in right corners, contouring a striking pose on the waist, back, abdomen, while holding the breast that badly needs support.

So my ideals of the mom character stood through time. It’s me caring in my individual way, with my mom standing behind my back to make minor revisions.


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