Thursday, September 16, 2010

That Woman Named Tatienne

There’s something about Tatienne that makes her the talk of everyone. She’s a picture of Victorian beauty, proud in her clairvoyance that transcends through the crowd. Men adore her enchanting ways, with figure strikingly vivid in great corners. Women love her unfathomed beauty, shown with grace and class. What made her a marvel to everyone’s curiosity is that she comes around in perfection close within your reach. She is goddess yet to be discovered in you. With Vedette being an accomplice, the transformation could come to real life with Tatienne’s help. Now that the name had rang your eager ears a number of times, question leads us to who she is.

Tatienne prides in the grandeur of Valencian lace makeup of its undergarment. Its cottony base heads us back to the early 1600’s when French Valencian lace was women’s gold market. When industrial machineries came in the picture expanding its production, its cost significantly went down. Eventually, the garment penetrated the US market and adapted its creation. Vedette illuminated this form of delight to our current times through Tatienne. This undergarment is detailed with hevea composition making it a great compression accessory, cutting down on your waist length and flattering your tummy with a toned appearance. The compression material also extends to the back which shapes behind part into a total hourglass form. The corset closure is accentuated with a touch of refined lacy trims, continuous with the lingerie, giving you a sensual look in and out. With its classic colors nude and black, the fit would compliment any clothing, whether satin textured dresses or top styled in strap or tube. Tatienne offers a reinvention of oneself, a tribute to all women who makes up this society. For that reason, this undergarment was made accessible to women of all sizes.

Tatienne is going to be another embellishment in one’s closet, just like any of those wardrobes you wear on a daily basis. Inspired by women and once fitted by a woman, it comes to life, personifying a queen alluring in its presence, except that, the royal recognition belongs to a regular woman like you.


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