Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair Bash! Oh, And Clean That Trash

I love 70’s shows and movies and while watching that never-got-tired old “Charlie’s Angels”, my sister came home one time with a new haircut. I couldn’t help but remarked her with “Sis! Since when did you learn to travel back in time?” Her hair was all blown dried, heavier than a pumpkin size, and teased on top to style it. Though I’ve seen few people stuck in the world of 70’s fashion, some are lucky to be complimented by its iconic styles. The key to really knowing what looks great on you is defining your facial proportion and shape.

The uniqueness of the cut is really not significant, unless it’s completely out-of-this-world pattern, styled by a foe you’re unaware of. The question should start from whether it brings out your facial asset and gears the attention away from your too strong undesirable features. Listed here are common facial shapes and recommended haircut respectively.
  • Oval Face- This face is shaped geometrically proportional such that, the forehead and jaw sizes are balanced. Any type of hairstyle would look good on this face. For that, note to consider a style that would show off this shape more. It’s advisable to avoid cut that has too much volume on bangs or one that covers much part of the face. 
  • Round Face- Face of this shape is wide, making it circular in appearance. Hairstyle of this shape should have more body on the crown area, with length either short or longer than the chin reach. If you want to put some length on the side of the ears, then style sheer fringes to avoid emphasizing a wide facial shape.
  • Square Face- Facial shape of this type has a prominent square jaw form and usually has the same shape as that of the hairline. Work on lightening the face with short length to medium, permed or waved in style.
  • Heart-Shaped Face- Proportion on this shape puts more spatial on the cheekbones and forehead, while narrow on the chin line. Short and chin hair length work well on this facial type but you have to look after a cut that balances the crown and chin line area.
  • Triangular Face- Styling for this shape should reduce the dominant features such as wide chin line and narrow forehead. Hair styling for this shape should work on putting more volume on the jaw line and right around the area of cheek line.
Now that you’ve break freed from your ancient hair do’s, finish it by trashing away those old clothes in your closet. Pick a really nice dress to flaunt like Jones New York, matched with Vedette's waist cincher undergarment, and finally walk in glam with Margot’s studded white frye shoes. Now you’re ready to bash, with an eye-catching flash!


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