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Not only body shapewear are meant for women who wants to slim down, but also for moms who just recently had her pregnancy and needs the proper support.

Vedette is one of the shapewear featured on as the Best Body Shapewear for moms!One of the shapewear featured is Stephanie, which is an ideal postpartum shapewear! And also, Aimee a bodysuit from the sweet comeback collection!


Try a Vedette Shapewear now and see how it will flatten your flabs and shape your body to an hour-glass figure!Who says moms can't be sexy too? Not anymore!

You can read the full feature of Vedette here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

STAR STALKER: Julianne Moore

photo by Stephen Lovekin/ - November 29, 2010
She's more than just her pretty face, and she's more than her sexy body, there's something about her you'll love to know! Julianne Moore is definitely more than you'll ever know! Did you know that she just turned 50 yesterday? December 3, 2010 Julianne has just reached another 10 fabulous years of her life!

Who would have thought she is already 50? She looks as young and charming as a 25 year-old lady! She may have two kids already but then she's ageing beautifully, she's so divine and you can see her youthful glow! According to an interview by IN YOU FACE she doesn't believe in surgery and she has not underwent any plastic surgery. 

According to her she takes care of her body by using natural products only, and by staying out of the sun which causes her skin to dry. She regularly goes to gym for exercise and eat on a balanced diet. She even thinks she's "a one-hundred-year-old" actress and she hates her freckles for some reasons but then again she's pretty gorgeous at her age! No wonder she was chosen to be the image model of Bulgari.

Vedette Shapewear is also one of the wonderful things that can help a woman to stay elegantly beautiful even at her 50s. For the women who wants to stay pretty and sexy at her 50s may use a bodysuit on a daily basis to help in shaping her body and to flatten her unwanted bulges. 

Vedette recommends women to wear LITE CONTROL shapewear which is a comfortable fit for day-to-day  wear. This line is made with nylon, spandex,cotton, and latex in the front panel which provides a lighter compression to shape their figure. Very ideal for everyday use.

Looking as great as Julienne is easy with Vedette Shapewear! Wear one you and won't regret the happiness you'll get when you see yourself with a sensual silhouette!

*all photos of Julianne Moore are all from different websites.

FROM FLAB TO FAB: Jennifer Hudson

photo from

" I don't want to lose any more weight, and you're never going to see me skinny! "

Jennifer Hudson loses weight, from a size 16 to a size 6! She revealed she had gained so much weight after she gave birth to her son last August! She had been into different exercise, and been into balance diet, days after she gave birth in order to lose some weight.

According to her, losing some weight doesn't mean looking skinny. It's about achieving your dream size and not about getting into the size the others is pushing you to achieve. She also stated that losing weight is not about starving yourself  but more of discipline and proper lifestyle.

photo by

Vedette suggests to wear a shapewear to help in the process of losing weight. Losing weight should not only mean getting low weight figures but also it should be about getting in shape too! To do that, a woman who wants to lose weight right after pregnancy just like Jennifer, is to wear a slimming girdle with a dual control just like:
Made with Powernet fabric and latex front panel, that molds your abdomen, waist and back. This is also perfect in slimming your hips and thighs and shaping your buttocks, to look gorgeous in pencil cut dresses or gowns.

Just like Jennifer Hudson, the will to lose some weight is about improving herself as a woman, a mother, and a wife, and not only because she needs it in her job.

Always remember that, losing weight and getting into shape should be easy and fun! Wear a Vedette Shapewear to reveal the hour-glass shape in you!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A sheer lace plunging jumpsuit?!!! She is known to play a role in  the hit TV series Gossip Girl. You wouldn't believe that she actually wore this to a red carpet event at the Harry Winston Court of Jewels Recreation launch at New York City.

photos from craignj
Her character in the hit TV series is far far far better than what she looked like at this sophisticated event. The lace plunging jumpsuit is a masterpiece of Marchesa, and even though it is a designer piece,it didn't give justice to it!
photos from

And the girl who wore the bad ass lace jumpsuit is none other than Leighton Meester a.k.a Blaire Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Her demure personality and good taste in dressing-up at the hit TV series is a total opposite of her in the real life when she stepped into this weird lacey jumpsuit!

Lace is in today, and it connotes femininity, but it should not be over done. Since laces are sheer, it should be placed only on the areas where it's fine to show-off. Not like this over-laced jumpsuit that even her behind is peeking through!

Let's say these slimming undies of Vedette, that are carefully made with laces as accents:

These sliming lingeries are a perfect balance of lace, not too revealing yet sexy and elegant! If you want to try the lace trend while slimming your body and getting you in shape, try wearing these bodysuits! And sure you'll be more than fabulous and sophisticated  as any Hollywood stars without going overboard!

Try wearing a Vedette Shapewear and see yourself in an hour-glass figure!


A POET. A SINGER. A LOVING FIANCE'. She's not just another girl-next-door. She's definitely a stand-out with her romantic beauty and witty personality. She may be 30 years old yet you can see her look is youthful and you can see her glowing beauty. She's looking forward to a happy ever-after with her soon-to-be husband; and a fairy-tale life in a beautiful castle filled with love and never-ending happiness.

photo by
 Her day begins with humming her favorite song while playing her piano. Then off she takes her bath and other beauty regimens. She hardly go to the gym and never underwent surgery. She takes care of her body by wearing her everyday essential, a Vedette Shapewear. Her favorite among the bunch is Tatienne.
Tatienne is a dual control bodysuit from Vedette that gives the right compression to shape her body.  Cassandra loves how it hugs her body and flattens her tummy while slimming her waist to show her curves. She feels so confident and happy whenever she wears a Vedette Shapewear. She loves how Tatienne is made, very intricate and sophisticated. 

She threw-in her flowy dress and off she went to a lovely breakfast with her prince. She's just too amazingly beautiful  and divine, that her man never loses his eyes on her.

" A woman regardless of any age, is a Queen on is own beauty."

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Entice your man with your sensual lingerie and bombshell body! Make your man's ordinary nights a night of romance! Make him fall for your alluring body everyday. Wear a Vedette Shapewear and bring out the Vedette in you! 

Take a look at our latest video and see how a Vedette woman captivates her man with her stunningly gorgeous body, and seductive slimming lingerie.

How do you think their night ended? It must be their most romantic and intimate night ever! Don't you think?Now, it is your time to unleash the Vedette in you and make your intimate nights with your man, full of pleasure! Slip into a Vedette Shapewear now!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010




How to look sexy even when you are at forty? Well, being at forty doesn't mean you do not have the rights to wear sexy clothes! But how does a 40 year-old woman should dress to look hot yet sophisticated?


Wear clothes that suits your body type. If you want to accentuate your curves wear a not-so-tight dress to hug your body and reveal your silhouette. Choose colors that suits your age, neutral colors would be best for 40 year-old women.

Simplicity is the key. If teens and yuppies are up for the latest trends, and layers accessories all over, a mature woman should invest on key pieces that she can wear several times. Like a simple yet elegant pearl necklace which can be worn day time or night time.

Put on a sleek and classy red pumps to add spice to a black ensemble. And throw-on a red polished sling bag to finish the look.

But don't forget, before wearing your sexy dress, put on your Vedette bodysuit to compress those bulges away, and show-off your sensual curves.

Put in mind, that a best dressed woman is the one who knows how to carry herself flamboyantly! So on your next date with your husband, or for any red-carpet events always wear a Vedette shapewear for a perfect fit!




Demi Moore may be in her 40s but her beauty and sexy body dictates she's just on her 30s. And though she gave birth to her three children from actor Bruce Willis, she stayed hot and sexy, definitely a hot momma! And because of her alluring and sensual appeal, after a divorce with Bruce Willis, she then married Ashton Kutcher which is 16  years younger than her.

Rumors are circulating that Moore's divine body comes with a hefty tag. According to rumors Moore spends $140,000 a year to stay in shape! She did an overhaul surgery from head-to-toe when she reached 40 and spent $330, 000!

Not only those big amounts of money were Moore's regular expenses for surgery, according to gossips, a lot of spendings were made for different surgery on her body. Imagine how much money she's spending just to look smokin' hot?!

Celebrities need to be presentable all the time, and undergoing surgery is alright as long as you can pay for it. But it's best if you have stayed sexy and hot without going under the knife.

If you need to shell-out money to lose those unwanted bulges in your body instantly, you'd better buy yourself a slimming lingerie! Vedette offers different slimming girdles that are made to shape your body to show-off your hour-glass figure!

Vedette suggests its Lite Control shapewear for everyday use, especially to mothers who wants a quick body fix. Lite Control bodysuits gives lite compression for problem areas.





You don't need to be rich or to be a celebrity to get the body you've always wanted! Neither do you need to be in pain just to have a drop-dead gorgeous body!Just wear a Vedette Shapewear and you'll be in your sexiest body instantly!


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