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How to look sexy even when you are at forty? Well, being at forty doesn't mean you do not have the rights to wear sexy clothes! But how does a 40 year-old woman should dress to look hot yet sophisticated?


Wear clothes that suits your body type. If you want to accentuate your curves wear a not-so-tight dress to hug your body and reveal your silhouette. Choose colors that suits your age, neutral colors would be best for 40 year-old women.

Simplicity is the key. If teens and yuppies are up for the latest trends, and layers accessories all over, a mature woman should invest on key pieces that she can wear several times. Like a simple yet elegant pearl necklace which can be worn day time or night time.

Put on a sleek and classy red pumps to add spice to a black ensemble. And throw-on a red polished sling bag to finish the look.

But don't forget, before wearing your sexy dress, put on your Vedette bodysuit to compress those bulges away, and show-off your sensual curves.

Put in mind, that a best dressed woman is the one who knows how to carry herself flamboyantly! So on your next date with your husband, or for any red-carpet events always wear a Vedette shapewear for a perfect fit!


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