Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A POET. A SINGER. A LOVING FIANCE'. She's not just another girl-next-door. She's definitely a stand-out with her romantic beauty and witty personality. She may be 30 years old yet you can see her look is youthful and you can see her glowing beauty. She's looking forward to a happy ever-after with her soon-to-be husband; and a fairy-tale life in a beautiful castle filled with love and never-ending happiness.

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 Her day begins with humming her favorite song while playing her piano. Then off she takes her bath and other beauty regimens. She hardly go to the gym and never underwent surgery. She takes care of her body by wearing her everyday essential, a Vedette Shapewear. Her favorite among the bunch is Tatienne.
Tatienne is a dual control bodysuit from Vedette that gives the right compression to shape her body.  Cassandra loves how it hugs her body and flattens her tummy while slimming her waist to show her curves. She feels so confident and happy whenever she wears a Vedette Shapewear. She loves how Tatienne is made, very intricate and sophisticated. 

She threw-in her flowy dress and off she went to a lovely breakfast with her prince. She's just too amazingly beautiful  and divine, that her man never loses his eyes on her.

" A woman regardless of any age, is a Queen on is own beauty."


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