Thursday, December 9, 2010

STAR STALKER: Julianne Moore

photo by Stephen Lovekin/ - November 29, 2010
She's more than just her pretty face, and she's more than her sexy body, there's something about her you'll love to know! Julianne Moore is definitely more than you'll ever know! Did you know that she just turned 50 yesterday? December 3, 2010 Julianne has just reached another 10 fabulous years of her life!

Who would have thought she is already 50? She looks as young and charming as a 25 year-old lady! She may have two kids already but then she's ageing beautifully, she's so divine and you can see her youthful glow! According to an interview by IN YOU FACE she doesn't believe in surgery and she has not underwent any plastic surgery. 

According to her she takes care of her body by using natural products only, and by staying out of the sun which causes her skin to dry. She regularly goes to gym for exercise and eat on a balanced diet. She even thinks she's "a one-hundred-year-old" actress and she hates her freckles for some reasons but then again she's pretty gorgeous at her age! No wonder she was chosen to be the image model of Bulgari.

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