Monday, June 14, 2010

Make Your Own Gym

Health is man’s primal concern; that is why many of the entrepreneurs today are venturing businesses on the gym.  Body fitness centers are rampant in town.  These offer various kinds of sessions, such as power lifting, body building, yoga, dancing, Pilate, Capoeira and many to mention.  But to be able to register on a certain session, one must have enough funds to support.  Some gyms are famous for its state-of-the-art facilities.  These offer world-class fitness services; but expect it to be expensive.  While there are a few which are equipped just enough for some plain Joe's.  Either way, a penny is still needed.  May it be pricey or cheaper the point here is we will still need money to maintain.  However, not all health-conscious people can afford to enroll on this service.  So thinking out of the box may help.
Create your own gym penniless.   

Plastic Bottle and Water.  Fill up an empty plastic bottle with water on the desired amount of weight your body needs.  These are great dumbbell replacements that can be used for toning arms and shoulders.  

Used Ropes.  There are some packages that are wrapped with ribbons or ropes.  You can collect these used bands and re-use it as jumping ropes.  Tie on its end until you produce the amount of length you desire.  This can be used as a jumping tool.  Jumping boosts immunity and strengthens endurance.

Stair Steps.  Be creative enough to use your staircase in lieu of a costly treadmill.  Walk the steps, make sure to take only the lower steps otherwise this is going to be quite a dangerous substitute.  Stomp your feet alternately.  This can help tone your legs and at the same time increases your stamina.  Also this provides an excellent cardiovascular workout.  

Rugs.  Place the rug on a not-so-slippery floor.  Fold it on the thickness of the width you desire.  Try if it is safe enough to move.  Get in on it.  Lay your feet on the rug as you stand straight.  This should serve as a waist exerciser.  Do twisting of your body to and fro.  This will trim down your waist lines. 

Chairs.  The bench is a good equipment to help firming your butts.  Enjoy some stretching exercises on it.  Pick the most durable stool because you are going to put weights on it as you stretched.  Also this can be replaced with an exercise ball.  A little bending on it can do wonders for your shape. 

Junk Steel Rod.   Experience a thrifty yet effective weightlifting session through the use of these chunky rods.  From the backyard or stock room, recycle these stocked shafts for a good cause.  Lift it as if it is a barbell that helps you burn fats and tightens muscles.  Make sure to clean it first otherwise it will only be unsafe to use due to its rust and dirt. 

Furnishing a gym is never this affordable.  Try it yourself now.


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