Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Lose Weight Naturally

These are not the regular exercise tips or a diet program every weight-conscious people want to know.  These are some daily tidbits we are dealing with everyday, little did we know, these can actually keep us naturally healthy and in shape.

Yawning Workout.  The moment you wake up, and still lying in bed, sit up slowly with your hands not holding to anywhere.  Straighten your legs out, straight enough to feel the tension in your back.  Lean forward until you feel the stretch in your back and hamstrings.  Hold for a minute then get back to rest and repeat twice.  This helps strengthen your core.
Sink Exercise.  Don’t you know that brushing your teeth benefits not just, well obviously, your teeth…but your legs too! Wonder how?  This is how we do it:  while doing the roll for your pearly whites, alternate standing on one leg as you switched mouth quadrants-recommended to do every 30 seconds.  This doesn’t only tone your legs but improves your sense of balancing too! In addition to that it is good for your brains too! 

Waiting In Vain.  As you wait for your water to boil, stand sideways.  Place your hands hand on the edge of a corner or a counter.  Gently lift your feet straight out in front of you, keeping it totally extended.  But make sure your upper body is straight as you perform this action. Hold for a few seconds to feel the stretch.  Then proceed on with the same steps on your other side.  Repeat this 10 times and you will definitely achieve that toned thighs, hip flexors and quadriceps you desire.

Tone In Traffic.  Bumper to bumper need not to be solely annoying.  This hardcore situation can sometimes be useful to us.  While in the middle of this busy scenario, you can do some rear exercise.  Each time you tap the brakes, hold on to your derriere for 10 seconds.  Do this 10 times in every trip, this way it will contribute to the firming of your buttocks. And much more, no time is waist!

Surrender On Every Ring.  For some, phone calls in the office are plainly a disturbance but why not take advantage of these chores.  Stand up and pace around.  By alighting from your chair, you are burning almost 10 calories in your body.  Don’t you know that an obese person was resulted by almost 2 hours of straight sitting.  Pace to and fro and you’ll the difference. 

TV Gapping.  At home, being on a stationery pace for hours is considered a bad habit. While watching your favorite soap opera, try not to stick on TV for a long time.  Or if you could not part your self on your favorite TV series, let the commercial breaks help you.  Keep your remote away from you for at least almost a foot away.  Whenever you feel like changing a channel, you are obliged to stand up from your seat and get it yourself.

Losing weight is never this practical and easy!


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