Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shapewear: Armor to Impress

Looking fabulous and feeling marvelous about ourselves are some of the reasons why we always groom and tidy up all the time.  Well, men are basically egocentric by nature that they always want to look best and presentable at whatever cost. By looking impressively nice, well…of course where else can we count on? To our favorite wardrobes! 

Dressing up is not that simple, especially when you want to look fab and hot.  It takes a lot of time, choices and considerations to look perfect—just the way you desire.  Take for example about matching up your clothes.  It does not mean you just have to pick up the robes that are only color coordinated.  The pattern and style have to be considered too.  You really need to have a good sense of fashion if you want a perfect blend.

Considering, this aspect of you is innately yours—well, luck for you!  But that is not just about it. 

Looking undeniably beautiful in a piece of fabric can sometimes be tricky.  You have to be cunning and smart to bring out the fab in you.  Sporting a chic wardrobe or the latest designer’s cut does not always make you standout among the rest.  Sometimes, you are already wearing Versace or Monique Lhuillier, but these do not become evident.  Designers’ masterpieces do not always glow on you.  There are incidents that you are already wearing pricey drapes but it does not look expensive at all.  Unless you know how to flaunt it right—that is the key to a perfect strut.

You need to have an armor to attain a flawless stance.  The device—a magical shapewear! 

Shapewear or a body contouring suit hides the bulges of your body.  Added to that, it eliminates nasty body flab when you are religiously on it.  However, this fantastic ensemble has also a rule of its own. 

When buying one, you have to remember these considerations: 

1.  Know the body parts that you want to cover.  See what angle or corner in your body that needs some flab wraps.  Assess if it is on your thigh, chest, belly and torso; because this slimming tool has a variety of cuts that is solely designed for a certain area of your body.

2.  Shapewear should be worn perfectly on your contour.  This should be fitted just right on your body.  It should smoothen out the bulks from your corners otherwise it will only aggravate the fat look in you. 

3.  You should also consider the control of its fitting.  See if how much tight this should be when it is worn.  You have to take weight the rigidity of it as you are going to have it on for hours.  Of course, the comfort of wearing it is a priority.  

4.  Not just the design, but the color and texture of it should be acknowledged as well.  You do not want to wear a black body slimmer on a white long dress or vice versa.  Taking heed on this matter facilitate a perfect shapewear fit. 

When you want to look magnificently presentable, a little secret strategy will make you one.


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