Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Be a Stress Buster

Can anyone know how to stop stress?  Or better, to totally eliminate it? Well, if only we know so, maybe the world will be in a much better place by now.  Nothing is rattled; no one is harmed.  Simply, everything is just at peace.  But sadly, this can happen only in a dream.

Surviving in this world is really hard.  Competitions are high, opportunities are low.  When you are weak, you will therefore be held back with a lot of wonderful things in this world—like a good life.  Who do not wish to have one? From our wee years of living up to our golden years of aging, a comfortable life is what we all aim to have.  Lacking ability to keep up in a tough world like what we have, can stop you to live life to the fullest.

But good thing, though it may be impossible to totally ward off a strain, it can be prevented at least.  Determine your stress and create a game plan on how to deal with it.  First, you should identify its coming.  Be prepared for its attack.  Acknowledge its presence to be able to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed.  Dealing means welcoming it without any force.  

Breathe it out.  A normal gut reaction to a stress is to find a way on solving it ASAP.  But with this kind of attitude, it only exacerbates that harried, out-of-control feelings.  In effect, you will hardly handle the situation well.  Do some tricks of counting 1 to 5, act it out by a deep breathing in and a relieving breathing out.  While you are doing the exercise, visualize the phrase “I am strong, I am capable.”  A good motivation is always effective.

Lighten up your day.  If in case you may not be able to laugh about yourself, think of some happy thoughts.  Some psychologists say, good memories can help scale back a physical and physiological reaction to stress; which means, this gives you more mental resources to devote to the actual problem.  Well, it is true that laughter is the best medicine.

Put it in perspective.  Given you are in the pains of a cruel deadline. Things get out of control and it is not good anymore.  Emotions file up.  Pressure engulfs every fiber of your being.  You want to just finish things up quickly soon.  This due date throws you at the end of the world.  Well, a little strategy can do some magic.  Focus on the brighter side of the situation like, realizing that you are still lucky enough to have that job or imagine your loved ones.  Get inspired by a thought of them.  This will calm up the boiling moment.

Take steps to solve the problem.  As you are being trembled by this notorious life’s pain.  Blow up with some logistic proceedings.  On your diary, jot down one by one the ways on how to deal with it.  It is sometimes best to solve things through the help of a pen and paper.  With this you are able to keep track with the ebb and flow of worry that defocuses one’s mind.


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