Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stress Busters Are Just Everywhere

Many of us seem to fall prey on the inevitable “stress.” But stop worrying. You can be able to smart out that disturbing nervous tension with just a little strategy.  Learn to battle out constant worrying by the delectable of a tasty meal.  Yes—the secret to kick off that harried and out-of-control feelings is in the.

Researchers have discovered that by just a little bite or two, eating the right kind of food, stress can be totally prevented.   Check out this few items that help keep strain away.

Banana- For the reason that this sweet fruit is has high-potassium content, many panicky people opt to have it for an energy boost.  Potassium can reduce hypertension and stroke, also it has full of carbohydrates, which energizes the body.  The doctors recommend to taking at least a banana or two every day.  This can surely safeguard us from the side effect of extreme pressure. Also, it has Serotonin that supplements calmness in our body. 

Oat-This fabulous fiber-enriched food is a favorite of the stress-victim people.  Like a banana, it produces Serotonin as well.  That is why those people who want to just shut down from stress, go for this fabulous calming source.  Added to that, it has also the power to keep your body feeling full, because of the fiber that is being absorbed thoroughly inside.  Therefore it slowly goes down to our body, which means the Serotonin boost gets prolonged.  Also, this is good for diabetic folks or anyone who needs to check every now and then regarding on their sugar level. 

Dark Chocolate- This tasty treat is high in Flavonoid, which are lauded for their relaxing properties. Also, it contains Phenethylamine, a chemical substance that enhances mood.  So stress-driven people can get the best of both worlds.  It not just calms their state, but it also increases good aura.  Make sure to get a chocolate that is 70% cocoa to definitely receive the wonderful gifts from this delicious indulgence. 

Skim Milk- This low fat milk can give benefit to our body as well.  It has a content that reduces arterial hypertension.  Also when drinking a warm glass of this skim milk, you are sure to protect yourself from coronary heart disease.  One study found that, a woman who drinks at least 3 to 4 glasses per day is less likely to experience PMS rather than those who do not. 

Walnuts- This salad delicious main constituent is equally beneficial to our body.  Just like the above, walnut has also its own role of providing relaxing factor to our tired bods.  For those hearts who are working so hard for so long, rely on this nut, which releases Adrenaline component. 462 And you will definitely be sure that your day is going to be simply manageable.  

Those crazy days of mother juggling; fatal moments of deadlines; challenging days for the bills—worry not anymore about these because the solution for these harassing demands will be just a kitchen away.


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