Friday, October 8, 2010

The “It” That Made Me a Superhero

I wonder why most superheroes all look seemingly perfect in supreme silhouette. We have Wonder Woman, Elektra, Catwoman, Starfire, etc, all of which are influential in remodeling ourselves to image portrayal. Being looked up to, we could have asked what made them if they are to be real-life characters. We could only assume that it’s the supernatural gift they use to overpower unnatural forces of evil opponents or the fascinating fact of superseding reality. But who cares about acquiring the same power and attending to a colossal responsibility when you have daily struggles to mind yourself such as work, bills or errands. The closest being we can get to beyond those hopeless dreams is to dress ourselves, emerge as their like in their average form. The idea is a woman in flawless figure with all admirable descriptions wrapped into one. Fuller breast, small waist, smooth contour, long legs, rounder buttocks are just one of the specific requirements to pose the same striking frame.

The first thinking that comes to us when we talk about full make over is a doctor with mallet, big scissors and all sorts of metal incision accessories you could think of to give you a complete overhaul. The trends of time comforted us by walking away from hospital-bed fears. Vedette’s full body shaper Gisele enchanted us with an innovative solution to achieving hourglass figure with the undergarment’s medium compression control. The advanced power net fabric, being the major component of the garment, contributed to tucking in stubborn fat bulges appearing in body areas such as abdomen, back and waist. The body suit is continuous through your thighs, working its magic on giving you a slender, fat-free look. Another cream feature of this body suit is its open bottom enhancer, which holds up your buttocks for a firm, enticing form, turning you into an image of exquisite appeal. Perfect for pairing with body-hugging dresses or skinny jeans, the body shaper comes in black color with adjustable straps to fit women of flexible sizes. Styled with hook-and-eye front closure, this garment adheres to a picture of both functionality and fashion.

There exist the modern women superheroes of our time. Like any comic book superheroes, what made them is not that suit vibrant in colors and flashing specs. It is that figure within that suit, emanating at her best.


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