Monday, October 4, 2010

The Last Words to Granny Wolf Closet

What was Granny Wolf hiding beneath those gentle, warm outfit to lure little red riding hood? Oh, it was his hairy skin and frightful look that keeps people away. The story being retold a number of times in kiddies’ schools, is amazingly interesting enough to put in as an analogy for adults. Though statistics might have not provided any details yet on who still wears granny undergarment out of the subjects’ humiliation, there are still those who couldn’t let go for some reason of that piece in their closet. In case you’re wondering what falls into that category, granny lingerie are outdated and traditionally less indulging as dictated by sociological trend at the time when it first came out into the market. You’re probably familiar with camisoles, pettipants or long-legged panties, half slips or cullotte slips to name a few, which I would love to donate in archeological museums out of fascination. To women, we should learn to let go. There are reasons why it was let go by our fashion lawmakers and without further justification, self realization would give you answers.

While lingerie had explored every mounting possibility to describe sexy, not everyone though could grasp the idea by looking at the mirror. When measurement and figure are not delightful enough to please the bearing mirror, the concern leads women back to trying granny’s old medicine. The great news is that Vedette sees this struggle and with its commitment towards redefining women through their natural beauty, came out with sensual lingerie and a body shaper into one. Popular choices among women for recommendation are Vedette’s Veronique, Marian, Veva and Megane. Veronique is a body suit continuous with bra, made fashionable with its polka dot print, vertically streamed to a slimmer look. This undergarment is available in charming lilac or glamorous purple. Marian is another body suit uniquely designed with Spanish lace trim cut, exquisite enough to be used as a regular top. Veva is one of Vedette’s cream, polished with Valencian lace tone for a classic beauty finish. Another garment is the waist cincher type called Megane, also designed with lace sophistication. All these shapewear has compression ability that makes it competent in sculpting women to a perfect silhouette. The undergarments work on proportioning areas with uneven fatty bulges such as waist, abdomen and back, contouring your figure to a flawless form that deserves a crown. Those body suit shapewear with bra attached gives your bust a fuller form, adding to a more enticing appeal.

Throwing away the knick knacks you’ve inherited from granny might be difficult for you but sometimes old ways doesn’t work. Besides, you don’t want to end up hiding your ancient lingerie the same way granny old wolf did it. It’s time to open that closet and say “Adios!” to that rusted undies set you’ve been hiding for years.


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