Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hollywood Secrets on Post Partum

What makes Hollywood celebrity moms real stars? Amazingly, even after going through the most exasperating phase of womanhood, they’ve still managed to break through the frustrating natural tendencies of post partum. Who would have thought that after gaining 45 pounds during the course of pregnancy, they could just strut back in 7 weeks, radiantly stunning in runway. We can only assume that Dr. Quack did all the wonders to making Ms. Celebrity completely transformed into Ms. Hot Momma. To some, it’ll probably be an option especially when collagen breakage (also regularly termed as stretch marks) broke vanity to post partum depression. But let’s talk about moms like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and Noemi Watts, whom to our relief admittedly that there was no superhuman secret that made them strikingly the same at all. Shapewear, saved their days of critic’s meticulous checking on how awkwardly fat they’ve been after the pregnancy.

The reality that most failed to see is that celebrity moms also have to struggle recovering from the after-effects of giving birth. The moment you’ve start putting back your old wardrobe to fit in, you can only think of nothing but to lose weight. To Hollywood stars, what made it more complicated were them being a possible target of paparazzi’s fascination for fat bulges, also considered as a deformity if they are on a spotlight. Heidi Klum, a Victoria’s Secret supermodel claimed once that she added on 20 pounds of fat, when she’s about to host a fashion event 4 weeks after giving birth. Among some of their other worries too are sagging breasts, prominent fat deposits on the abdomen, buttocks, back, thighs and hips which made dressing up a frustrating experience. Then came shapewear, once exclusively used by celebrities, which now had become a common use to the general market for its practicality. There are few tips though women should be reminded to utilize its effective ways. If you’re looking for popular brands, each has its own strength, depending on what you’re specifically looking for. Victoria’s Secret, initially known to fashion sensual ligeries, created shapewear themed with the same style. Miraclesuit focuses on creating printed body shaper, elegantly can be worn as a swimsuit too. Spanx has varied women’s apparel exquisitely made to combine style with contouring ability. Vedette works solely on manufacturing wide range of shapewear types, with different compression control working on conforming certain areas of concern to women. Another pointer to consider when looking for a body shaper is to find one that’s smaller than your actual size. The garment’s firming strength helps you tuck in that excess fat present on problem areas you need to work on. Then finally, wear a specific body shaper that suits your particular needs. If you’re aiming to achieve a slimmer silhouette comprising almost whole body parts, a full body shaper type does the job. For an hourglass figure that requires to be accentuated when wearing a sexy top, waist cinchers work best in evening out fat bulges on your abdomen and back, while cutting down your waist size to smaller. Body suit on the other hand, is often continuous with a brassiere and derriere enhancer, perfect for those wanting to revive a fuller breast and buttocks.

Celebrity secrets whether untold or broadcasted show an obvious truth about how they’ve relived their natural beauty. All it takes is women’s innovative mind, appreciating their innate grace needing to come once again.


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