Monday, November 22, 2010

Wonder Woman

If there's one thing in the history of Comic superheroes that every woman will probably miss, it's Wonder Woman. With her witty character, pretty face, unusual powers and strength, and not to mention her voluptuous body, she is likely to be welcomed again by her fans.

Rumors are circulating that Wonder Woman will be making a sweet comeback on TV. And a young Hollywood actress is on the loop to play the role. She's none other than the goddess-like Megan Fox.

If in comics, Wonder Woman is a symbol of a powerful women with great strength, and fights antagonists;
Wonder Woman in the real world is a symbol of a modern-age woman whose power is to juggle her role as a mother, a wife, and a career woman.With all these tasks a woman used to juggle,with little time and lots of things to do there are times she hardly give time for herself.

But hey, who said that giving time for yourself to pamper and to look beautiful, is by only going to the spa,gym, or beauty salon? Look like Wonder Woman in an instant! Get her small waist, sexy curves, and her flab-less body in an instant by wearing a shapewear and lingerie in one!

Introducing Vedette Shapewear's new line of bodysuits that works to slim your body yet looks like a lingerie! Peek- in the new Sweet Comeback Collection especially made for woman who wants to look as fabulous and sensual like Wonder Woman!

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 With Vedette's Sweet Comeback Collection, a modern-aged Wonder Woman looks stunningly sexy and beautiful just like the comic superhero! Have your sweetest comeback and marvel everybody with your new slim and hour-glass shape body!


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