Friday, October 8, 2010

Painting the Town in Divine White

There’s always an awkward moment in wardrobe fitting and a general perspective for most has something to do with their silhouette and how it’s complimenting skin color. You’ve probably experienced wearing something that screams “I exist,” either because you surpassed the gleaming natural light with highly-toned neon green or your excess is more than eager to come out from tight-fitting strangulation. The options then bring most women to choosing the safest tone in nude, black or white color. White, being often associated with purity and grace, has an appealing accent especially for summer-themed dresses. Let’s not forget though that there are white-scare pointers to look after, gearing away from a fashion statement turning to a fashion disaster.

White draws attention to skin color featuring more the beauty of its natural tone, reason why it’s more favored by warm skin-colored women. One of the worries though related to wearing white dresses is its tendency to making what’s underneath apparent, when the fabric is not appropriately picked out. So instead of enjoying the walk to flaunt your wardrobe, you’ll end up stalking on whoever looks at your behind for obvious reasons. Specific garment types you can check are those made of cotton or linen. Another way of testing its transparency is by holding it up against the light with your hands placed behind the fabric. There are also fabric types which cling to the skin, exposing what could have been a fascination or dismay to onlookers. This could be resolved though by wearing the right undergarment. Lingerie of natural colors such as buff, plain white or nude work best and would definitely suit if paired with bikini, thong or undies with lacy trend for a seamless effect. There are also body suit shapewear that perfectly fit such wardrobe eliminating the concerns on the inconvenience of see-through garment. Popular choices among women are corset coupled with thong lingerie from Victoria’s Secret or Vedette’s Melanie bodysuit in dress form. Aside from its suitability on dress form outfit, its significance also comes with its benefit in contouring women’s body into a flawless silhouette given the garment’s compression ability. It tucks in obvious excess fats, evening out undesirable bulges in areas such as abdomen and back while slimming down waist, enabling you to ramp the dress like a model figure. The last thing you should work on with white dress too is accessorizing it with right footwear and bangles, depending on the plainness of the dress.

The divinity of white is measured through the wearer itself. You can paint the town with the same color by exuding confidence, such that you are what your clothes mean.


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