Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vedette’s Sweet Comeback!

Good news to Fashionistas! Say goodbye to stubborn tummy flab and wave hello, hello! To that skimpy dress you’re dying to wear with new shapewear line from Vedette. I bet you always get the same look from your boyfriend as his neck gets the stiff waiting for you get dressed or a condescending stare from your boss every time you come in late, figuring out what dress fits desirably. Well ladies, you can now forget about the plump worrying and save most of your time enjoying the flattery. Vedette’s new shapewear does the entire trick to give you that satisfaction.

Vedette’s new body shaper comes in varied preppy style, flexible enough to fit women’s different body structure and cup sizes. The key is to give you an hour glass silhouette, smoothening the unwanted cellulite on difficult areas. All that fat-taming comes with simple steps as flattening your belly and stomach, holding up a bottom for more enticing back, while perfectly shaping your arms, waist and legs. If you’re ambitious enough to want that Beyonce look, and then try Vedette’s Stela and Mabella shapewear, designed to give you both a sensual bust lift and an extra bottom pack for a back that gives you a heiress title. One you could also chart on the top list is Vedette’s
Veronique. The body suit comes in a flaunting sexy polka-dot style, available in teaser lilac or purple. This gives a better twist on that alluring top you’re wearing with choices from thong and bikini. Let’s not forget those who need some therapeutic tending. There are specialized compression garment for post-operative and those who just went through liposuction or fat reduction. The purpose of which is to evenly flatten the swollen part of your body resulting from the surgery.

With different shapewear styles you could choose from, you can now walk the runway wearing anything that hangs in your closet. From tight jeans, to flashy elegant dress, you’ll never fail to be an eye catcher. Vedette’s new body shaper serves a wider practical use, allowing you to achieve an inviting contour from its compression garment extending right up to your sleeves, hips, waist or legs, and prominently your belly. Shaping up never been this easy and dynamic. With Vedette’s new line of shapewear, you can celebrate more the beauty of being a woman!


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