Monday, August 30, 2010

5 Reasons Why He Would Date You

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” John Gray really did a great job in this book classifying two sexes based on their behavioral patterns. In relevant studies conducted, Dr. Ann Moir and David Jessel asserts, in their “ Excerpts from Brain Sex,” that when the same image was shown to both girls and boys, observations led to the conclusion that boys recognizes more images of objects than people, while girls had shown the opposite. To an average woman who understands men in simplest point of view, they are counterpart of our kind whose immediate response conforms visuals.

I was 5 years old, struggling to get noticed by this boy I liked. I’d wear this little red dress, put ribbons on my hair, shimmer a light tint of lipstick on my cheeks and lips—all to get a little of his attention. All he would care about was that baseball game he’s planning out with his friends for weekend. Through years, experience tells me that the battlefield of dating is all about making Greenfields, painting them green and sometimes red. The whole point is about meeting a good visual to initiate an invitation. So an anxious woman asks, how can you lead him to asking you out for a date?

Here are the not-so-complex tips to note if you’re eager to get that “would-you” question from him,

  1. Show warmth. Remember that you are a stranger to him but small actions leave a clear message. You don’t really need to muster enough guts to make it obvious. Smile says it all.
  2. Strike a very good impression by dressing right. Your clothes tell much about who you are so particularity is essential. There are three elements you should consider if you want to get it right. A tinge of elegance deviates you away from the title of promiscuous, a little of sensuality shows off those curves you should be proud off and your style introduces a bit of you. Let’s say poise with a JC Penny black casual, knee length dress, paired with Vedette’s Mabella undergarment.
  3. Condition yourself with the right attitude. Attitude exudes confidence and thus shows how secure you are of your worth and being.
  4. Talk smart and by that doesn’t necessarily mean to brag. It is one who stands on her own position or opinion. Make yourself visible by speaking your voice when there’s a need for it. One fact about men is that they like women who can challenge their ideas, if not amazed at someone’s perspective different than theirs.
  5. Initiate by asking questions. Knowing what he does and his interests opens an opportunity for a good conversation. That also creates a bridge of common liking which could spark an idea of further acquaintance.

What reduces the whole idea here is giving yourself a chance to reveal the real you, showing him that you’re worth the time. If that doesn’t work, then it means you’re better off to be with someone who can realize that.



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