Monday, August 30, 2010

Spare me a piece of Bun

In one advertisement for credit card, the creative writer came up with a human ideology that says money can’t buy the look in your loved one’s face. You might think that it’s a tricky marketing way of a capitalist at work but the irony is that our subconscious mind tells us there’s truth to it. The cost didn’t measure the worth but the value of human attachment to it. I can’t imagine how many times I have not resented buying a way-over-the-edge chanel couture or a Vedette shapewear. The idea is that you give yourself in to how you define yourself. Knowing and being sure of who you are and what you want is an important aspect of womanhood.

Being a woman allows you to be particular of your limitations. Fulfilling that creates a sense of comfort in being just us, giving us our independence. When a woman walks, the stature is often defined by only few intricate parts people often notice—face, hair, breast and behind. The buttocks part is the finality of the impression you could make like a grand exit to an opera. Paying attention to its form entitles you a winner in totality, given the right attitude. So herein we say HALLELUJAH! To science who made it possible for us.

There are wide options to working the right curvature for your buttocks. There’s the strenuous lifting and stretching physical exercises, surgical implants and/or the use of noninvasive shapewear. Vedette shapewear is a convenient online store that gives you a plate of what you just need without worrying about the risk. There are two ways to rearing a bustier behind that rock. There’s ready-to-wear padded under garment that adds volume to your buttocks for lustful behind. Your choices here could be Stela that extends compression to your tummy for a manageable flab or Mabella that sculpts a finer waist and frontal figure with a hook-and-eye zip, while giving your tush a dreamy tone shape. Another way of giving your buttocks a finer definition is by lifting it with Vedette’s full body shaper in styles such as Michele and Marcelle or with push up garments such as Lauren and Margaux. Marcel and Michele shapewear is all-in-one suit that creates an above satisfactory figure working on specific body corners as waist, bust, tummy and buttocks. Lauren and Margaux are above-the-waist undergarments that boost your tush to a rounder form with band that holds it up.

So when I think about who and what I want to be, being a delight in everyone’s eyes is a sweet thought. But I realized though that what’s more important is that woman in the mirror telling me that I’m the queen of my own world.


  1. LOLZ what a better way to begin my week just by looking at this picture!!! gosshh I feel so happy to be in shape :)



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