Friday, July 9, 2010

Five Intimate Must-Haves

Just like toothbrush, lotion, deodorant or any other of your daily personal must-haves, these intimate pieces are just as important to have with you all the time. I am talking about the undergarments. Valuing our very own kept intimates is a good habit that should not be broken.  Just like our daily closet needs, these are equally necessary to have in the cabinet.  

There are women that are so into these appealing underclothes; you can definitely see how much they adore such cutesy sexy apparels by wearing the most fashionable pieces down to the most simple yet very functional undies.  Some even get addictive collecting those that are the season’s new line (to prove is the overflowing demands of the lingerie outlets).  There are bras and panties that are very costly, but there are a few which are just simple enough to have on and very affordable to own.  But sometimes we tend to become a compulsive buyer of lingerie without thinking the main use of these—protection and a hygiene arm.  It could be practical to at least recognize that it is not always just a fashion thing but also a functional body covers especially for the girls.   

Know the five must-have intimates of every fashion forward damsel.

Date bra.  This is what you called the most expensive bra.  It could be with a plain exterior but the functionality is amazingly great!   Every woman needs a special bra for a special occasion.  Also keep it always in mint condition because this is used on some of your big moments.

Push up bras.  For the boobsy femme fatale and for those who are not that quite, this kind of bra is a very good tool for you!  It pays to have a lift of your front assets and experience the big difference this could bring.  As you walk, do not just stand straight and chest out, but walk with that outpouring confidence.

A cleavage enhancing bra.  There are a few ladies who are gifted with such appealing assets, but for those who are not that lucky enough, worry not because you could have it in a snap.  By using this enhancing bra, you are sure to have a good sight of your front.    

A strapless bra.  Tube tops, spaghetti and other skin revealing clothes can make you look undeniably attractive when matched up with this sexy piece.  It is always nice in the eyes to flaunt such sexy outfits without the messy straps that can freak the good view.  Now you can bare those fabulous neck and shine. 
Elegant camisole.  Of course this should not be missed.  Every girl is needed to own one.  Make sure to choose something that can go well under the jacket or the blouse you are wearing.  These camisoles can make you fabulously always ready to go.   

Sexy panties matching your bra.  This is the best among the rest!  With your choice of color, these pair of undies are so good to have underneath.  It can make you feel confident and sexy inside out!


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