Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Causes of Obesity

As they say, eating too much food is the main cause of your ballooning body. For me, this is quite true but not always one hundred percent correct.

Admittedly to be the most alarming thing a girl may possibly hear but gaining weight does not always take place through your poor eating habits alone. Yes it is possible that by munching on your favorite dishes every minute of the day, you are sure to get that big body size you totally hate. Especially when you are taking high- calorie content foods (which can easily store up in your system) paves that way to double the chances. However do not always blame your escalating flab on your abundant food intakes.

There are other factors you should have to consider as well when you find out that you are gaining heavier weight than the usual:

Getting physical is a very good way to burn fats because as we move, we allow ourselves to release those toxins out from our delicate body temples through sweating. Contrarily, when you do not give yourself some time to sweat out you are helping those unnecessary fats to build up inside your boots. Sitting in a couch all day or lying in your bed every now and then contributes to a life of unhealthy living. By becoming stagnant all day long lets you become totally unproductive as a person and yes, it even endangers your health too. With your lazy manner you tend to act lax doing your daily errands and your body immediately gets weak even when you just move a little, thus making you unfit for anything.

Hydrating yourself regularly is a holistic way to keep your body always in the pink. One, it promotes good digestion. Two, it quenches the skin and make it glow. Three, it fuels the brain for a good function. And lastly, it controls the appetite to easily maintain a well-balanced diet. Just see how vital this is not to be followed. Drinking lots of water is not only good for the body but for the mind and soul too. It is a fact that a glass of H2o can boost once mood too.

People who sleep less tend to become obese over time. They gain weight faster due to the hormone ghrelin that is highly released every time they get short of sleep. This is the cause of your unstoppable hunger on a sleepless night. It revs up once appetite and creates cravings for carbohydrates or any food that is high in sugar.

Smoking is dangerous to your health. It has a harmful chemical that poisons the body over time and triggers you to exercise poor eating habits. It helps curb once hunger because of the bad smell and taste that are eliminated from every puff, but it extremely levels up the appetite once this vice has been stopped. Thus you have a bigger chance to double your weight.


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