Friday, July 2, 2010

Hand Cosmetic Care: Manicure

A face of a person is the first feature to be noticed by everyone. But the hands and feet receive the maximum attention. The way we take care of ourselves can be based on how we take care of our extremities. A clean and well-groomed hands and feet can give us an impression of having a good hygiene attitude. This can add good points to our character. However when it is done otherwise, this can just break your good image and will create a bad impression towards your personality. But sometimes, no matter how thorough you give care on these parts of the body, there are still some natural occurrences that we can not ignore or totally avoid—like the gust of wind that lets our hands and feet become dry; detergent soaps we often use in the kitchen, which can equally make our hands dry as well; and the frequent over functioning from everyday routine which can leave our hands and feet looking tired and stressed. However this can be prevented. Know the basics of our hands and feet care. Let us start with the grips.

Manicure- This is the number one beauty regimen for our precious working hands. This procedure maintains the purity of our fingers—good and well-groomed nails. But beautifying our tool grasps needs some special care. To attain that healthy metacarpus sanitation, some steps has to be considered:

1. Prepare your items to be used: the base coat polish, colored polish (optional), top coat polish, nail polish remover/acetone, cuticle stick, cuticle remover, nail files/emery board, hands moisturizer, warm water and cotton pads
2. Totally remove all the nail tarnishes using the nail polish remover. Make sure to carefully do it because our extremities are one of the most fragile parts.
3. Do not rush the manicure otherwise it will only put your pretty fingers in the brink of pain (cuts and bruised from the nipping).
4. Soak your hands in warm water for fifteen minutes. This will loosen the dry skin for an easy removal of the cuticle.
5. Brush each finger nail with a cuticle remover then gently push the nails as possible to get rid of the dry skin.
6. Wipe away the removed dry skin with cotton pads.
7. Curve the nails using the emery board or if the nails are grown too long, cut it on your desired length with a nail cutter before you do the board on it.
8. Moisturize the hands with lotion.
9. Massage it to relax each finger.
10. Spread a few base coating – let it dry for a minute. Then top it next with your desired color polish. Lock it with a top coat for a more shimmering look and better protection.

Now your hands are all groomed. Make a habit to regularly do this at least once a month. And for maintenance, wash your hands frequently but make sure to moisturize it with your pursy lotion afterwards to avoid dryness. Also, a hand-sanitizer should always be in the bag for some hand-cleansing emergencies. A well-groomed finger nails are not just beautifully manicured but should always be sanitarily clean too.


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