Monday, July 19, 2010

Steps to Prevent Skin from Sagging

At last, you are almost on your way to size 1.  Soon you will wear the fabulous sexy dress you are dreaming of.  In a few weeks time, you will have those lovely curves flaunted as you walk around the vivacious metro.  In a little while you will be more confident to say, I am a new sexier me. 

But before letting such thoughts to run circles on your head, there are still few little things you should consider.  Note that even if you have achieved your weight loss goal it does not mean your struggles towards your physical appearance is completely over.    

After a lot of hard works in the gym and painstaking morning runs in the side street areas every day, your body will definitely attain the ideal shape you are targeting but more likely it will be prone to some sort of skin elasticity issue.  Imagine that you have a sexy cast with a skin that is like a shar-pei; it will make you look a bit unattractive instead. 

Therefore know some ways on how to prevent skin sagging while you are burning unnecessary fats:

Drink lots of water.  This is the number one rule to obey while you are cutting down the noxious fats.  Staying hydrated especially during a toiling physical activity will keep your natural body elasticity intact.  If possible avoid drinking sugar-contained beverages or sodas because these will only hamper the possible fat burning process in your system.

Burn fats slowly but surely.  Gradual weight loss is better than an instant slimming down.  In this way, your body is given ample time to adjust on changes while it releases fat toxins.  You are not just giving your body a chance to keep up but you are as well helping your body to rid off those fats permanently.

Have a lean and mean muscle.  Match up your aerobics sessions with routines of weight lifting and body toning.  Building your lean muscle mass will prevent you from possible skin sagging.  Toning some parts of your body will do wonders on your physique and health too!

Eat the right kind of dish.  In losing weight one must consider eating the right kind of meal.   A food with complete nutrients—depending on your body need—will help your body redeem the amount of energy released from a gym workout.  Enjoy a slice of avocado or fish meat; or savor on delicious nuts and olive oils to help your skin stay firm and young-looking.

Regularly do diets. Never ever try to distract the flow of your weight loss program. Once you have started to practice diet courses do it religiously.  When the slimming down management is being interrupted your body will suffer from unhealthy habit.  It will be hard for you to weight off fats permanently.   Therefore finish the program you have started if you want an overall success.

Never forget to moisture.  Moisturizing your skin will not only make your epidermis feels smooth but this will bring skin vitality back to you.  Never apply lotion that you are not familiar with because it might only cause harmful effects on your skin.  Remember our skin is so fragile that needs a lot of extra care.


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