Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Regain Mind Alertness

The best gift you could give yourself is a good, relaxing me-time.  When every one of us gets topsy-turvy on our day to day work, we sometimes forget to give ourselves a little break.  Getting overwhelmed by stress impedes our opportunity to enjoy life.  Thus, we may not be able to appreciate the goodness of everyday living.  It is best that we should at least allot few minutes of our time to rest and slow down to be able to keep our minds stimulating and active.  Any activities that can inspire us lighten up are very good sources of mental rejuvenation and physical revitalization.  For when we are relaxed, our minds are clearer, therefore we could quickly absorb messages and become more active on our work.  Thinking fast and comprehending in no time are two of the ways to succeed in our everyday dealings. 

Discover some simple ways on how to revive from a toiling day. 

Napping.  A few minutes of sleep is one of the very effective means to recharge our brain cells.  But make sure to have it not more than 15 minutes otherwise it will only make you feel irritated the whole day.  An interrupted sleep cycle can cause bad moods and discomfort.  Sleeping in between break is a very powerful way to regain energy from exhausting earlier hours.  Also, it is considered that napping can help calm our tired eyes too.  When we shut our eyes, we help it moisturized on its own way.  The more our eyes rest, the more our vision gets sharper.

Playing games.  Recreational activities help minimize the strain.  When we veer away our minds from a repetitive thinking, we therefore relieve our overworking brains and give it a chance to renew.  Sometimes, programmed activities can drain our working minds.  It is sometimes best to divert ourselves from the usual course we undertake for us to be able to think well and better.

Eating fruits.  Yes, these delicious harvests are one of the best sources for mind relaxation.  Tasting the delightfulness of a fruit and devouring the vitamins this contained can help build a more productive intellect.  As they say when you want to have your nose up to its senses, indulge a few bites of this tasty crop to strike the adrenaline-pumping cells into your brain.  In this way, active chemicals can be produced that will result to a better flow of intellectual logic.

Bathing. Water does not only refresh our body system as we drink it but at the same time can perk up our strained moods as we float on it.  Taking a shower or pampering yourself for a few minutes inside a tub can help invigorate our worn-out mind and body.  Cold shower can awaken our lazy day while lukewarm bathing can relaxes our fatigued physique.  

A moment of silence.  This is true—a few minutes of not thinking anything at all can ultimately relax our over working minds.  Try to do this trick: inhale deep and exhale full for a minute can help you practice your concentration skills.  Feeling the breathe coming out can give an optimum relaxation especially on your chaotic day.  


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