Friday, September 3, 2010

Vedette on Redefining Shape for Women

Vedette, in search to meeting women’s universal needs for defining sophistication, illustrated an expert solution through the creation of shapewear. The texture of Vedette’s undergarment line holds up and evens out the excess fat in common body areas making wardrobe fitting a greater experience.

There are several common problem areas that most women complain about, making some clothes unmanageable to wear, and awkwardly looking. With respect to every corner of women’s body that needs to be shapely conformed, a specific shapewear is fashioned to frame these areas. Listed here are specific body shaper types and its corresponding functions in enhancing women’s curves.

  • Waist Cincher is made of strong compression material such as hevea latex, which shapes belly and waist to an hourglass figure by pushing in the bulge, creating an alluring curve.
  • Full Body Shaper is woven to perfect a flattering contour, evening out common flab areas such as abdomen, waist, back, buttocks, hips and thighs. It comes in different thigh length and colors to suit varied outwear. This is a great choice for women to enjoy a flawless body figure.
  •  Body Suit satisfies your palate for an enticing shape. With the undergarment’s compression capability, this crafts your body to superb features, focusing in areas such as abdomen, waist and back. Vedette’s body suit comes in thongs and bikini for a seamless finish when wearing dress or Capri. You can also choose from body suit with bra or underbra type, and those with stylish lacy accent underneath. 
  • Derriere Enhancer is textured with push up band that lifts your buttocks for a luscious fuller look. It comes in different styles uncovering women’s different body needs. Varied choices are in the form of regular panty-type, mid-thigh or below knee-length lingerie, and body suit. 
  • Vedette Shapewear captures a captivating pose for your figure with its body shaper continuous with brassiere. Available in body suit, this body shaper accentuates bust areas for lush full appeal while framing body parts such as abdomen, waist and thighs.  
  • Vedette understands women and the complexity of their needs. Hence, this gives way to a body shaper specific for women undergoing post surgery or post pregnancy stage. The undergarment is designed in elastic fabric, aimed at smoothening flab parts and firming areas with loose skin. It’s a great body toning solution for women wanting to get their figure back.

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